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Episode Five – FREE!!!

Those of you who have listened to the Cobb Kids Audio Show know that it is great!  It’s good, clean fun starring Paul, Ivy, Savannah, and Deserae Cobb.  But, though thousands of people have heard the first four episodes, very few have gotten to hear Episode Five – Puck’s Farm.

But today, that all changes!  It’s been available in our store for just 99 cents, but in today’s post, you can listen to it for FREE! (see, I told you that we appreciated you!)

Just click the “play” button below (or click on the link if you’re seeing this via email), and enjoy!  We know you’ll like it, or your money back.


And when you’re done listening, you can go listen to the other episodes (including a blooper reel) by clicking here.

News and Updates

First and foremost, we want to say a great big humongous THANK YOU to all of our readers.  This past week was amazing, and it’s thanks to you!

Twelve days ago, we set a new record for our site.  The sermon on Hell was shared on Facebook 35 times, which was the most of anything we’ve ever posted.  I realize that for some websites, that’s a disappointing number, but we’re still growing.

But that didn’t even come close to preparing us for the response to this past Friday’s article on the “thousand year reign of Jesus on earth.”  As of Sunday evening, it had been shared 124 times!  That’s more than three  times the record-setting mark from the week before.

I realize that this information might seem meaningless to you, but it is something that excited us.  We are humbled that so many of you found that article helpful and worth sharing.  So, all of this is to say this:

Thank you.

We’ve also got a lot of new readers the past couple weeks (probably due to those two articles), and we’d like to take a moment to tell you about the other good things you’ll find on our website.

Bible Q&A

Our Friday Bible Q&A articles seem to be people’s favorites.  We try to answer each question sent our way in a logical, easy-to-understand way, but most importantly in a biblical way.  All of our Bible Q&A articles can be read here (or by clicking “Bible Q&A” at the top of our website).

Cobb Publishing

In addition to writing articles, we also produce a lot of books.  We’ve got books about the Restoration Movement, debate books, sermon collections, as well as our own line of in-depth but easy-to-understand commentaries.  These books are available in paperback and eBook format (and if you use Kindle, they’re all available at Amazon.com too).  Click on “shop” at the top of the page to see everything we’ve got available.

We’ve got a few projects currently in production that we hope will be worth the wait, The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts, Alexander Campbell: A Collection (Volume 2), as well as others.

The Cobb Kids Audio Show

If you like to smile, then check out the Cobb Kids Audio Show.  Our four kids (and some other relatives) had put together several episodes of their own home-made “old time radio show.”  Complete with sound effects, laugh tracks, and (sort of) commercials, these shows are guaranteed to make you smile.

The Book of Revelation

Over a thousand hours of work went into putting together this collection of 48 sermons covering the entire book of Revelation.  The first three lessons, which introduce the study, can be downloaded from our Revelation page.  After reading them, if you want, you can purchase the entire collection (with powerpoints and handouts) for less than $10.  In fact, until the end of the month, it’s only $5.00.

Bible Study Helps

If you use e-Sword, then you’ll want to check out our exclusive e-Sword files.  And if you want more, go to the Gravel Hill church of Christ website (which we also take care of).

And there’s plenty more.  Just take a few minutes and look around!

Thank you once more.  We truly appreciate you.

-Bradley Cobb

Coming Soon!

We  take a break from our regular rotation of stuff today to tell you about some things that we’re really excited about!  These are projects that we’ve got in the works and hope to bring to you soon.

The Paul Cobb Short-Film Collection

Yes, Paul has started his own movie-making company.  Well, that is, he’s learned how to use the scanner, Microsoft Paint, and Windows Movie Maker to create his own short cartoons.  We plan on making these available to watch soon.  But don’t blink.  After all, they’re short and you might miss them!

The Truth and the Liars

Our commentary on Second John is finished, and we are putting the finishing touches on the eBook.  We think you’ll really appreciate this one.  If you want to read it and just can’t wait, then pick up our official e-Sword collection which already has it in there!

Wait, Not THEM!

Currently, we are working on a commentary on the book of Habakkuk (at the request of one of the Christians where we live).  This book, titled Wait, Not THEM! will hopefully be finished and ready by early August.

The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts

Writing this book has been one of Brad’s goals for six years.  In it, every verse in Acts that mentions or alludes to the Holy Spirit will be examined to see (1) what we can learn about the Holy Spirit from that verse, and (2) whether a miraculous or non-miraculous working of the Spirit is under consideration.  This book will also divide up the references by who is speaking/writing, so you can see how each of them talked about the Holy Spirit, and what they emphasized.

This book, Lord willing, will be finished around the end of September.

Alexander Campbell: a Collection (Vol. 2)

This book has been in the planning stages for about six months, and we are just about done with it.  Look for an official announcement At the beginning of July!

There’s a lot more that we could tell you about, but this is probably enough for today.  May your day be fantastic!



Cobb Kids Audio Show – Episode 5 – Puck’s Farm

After months and months of planning, and hours upon hours of recording and editing work, the latest episode of the Cobb Kids Audio Show is ready for your listening pleasure!

For those of you who might be new to the scene, let me give you a brief recap.  A few years ago, Paul Cobb was listening to old time radio shows, and decided to make up his own.  With the help of his sisters (and mom and dad), they recorded and released a 6-minute long episode called “Funnier and Funnier.”  It had laugh tracks and sound effects and everything.

In this brand new episode (the fifth in the series), we finally figure out why Puck’s farm isn’t making any money.  Mr. Oldman discloses his baseball delusion.  Scarlet, Lizzie, and Josie spend time reading the latest Laura Lane book, and Bruce gets…well, if we told you, it’d ruin the story!

But, as a bonus, we will tell you that we have sponsors for the show this time!  Well, I guess for them to be real sponsors, there’d be money involved.  So, perhaps it’s better to say we’ve got commercials!  And we think you’ll enjoy what they have to say.

Episode Fun Facts:

  • The idea for this show originated shortly after episode 2 was recorded.  And it’s been really hard keeping it a secret for these two years.
  • Both of the commercials feature Scott Roderick–or, as he’s more affectionately known by the family, Uncle Booger.
  • Some of the arguing between characters near the end was ad-libbed by Paul and Deserae Cobb.
  • In this episode, we find out something very strange about Josie.

The Cobb Kids have put a lot of work into these episodes.  The first four are all available free of charge in the Audio Show section.  If you like them, try out this brand-new 15-minute episode for just 99 cents!  All proceeds go to the Cobb Kids.