Episode 3 – Spy Scarlet

“What are you looking at?”

“Nothing.  There’s just a girl outside looking in and writing in a notebook.”

“(gasp) It’s that girl that’s been spying on us!”


Scarlet and Josie are positive that Bruce is hiding something.  Something that could get him put in jail!  But while they’re secretly trying to observe what he’s doing, someone else is spying on them!

Episode Fun Facts:

  • In this episode, Lizzie (a bold and impetuous girl who “just moved here from England”) makes her first appearance.
  • Josie (voiced by Deserae) shows up for the first time.
  • The infamous line, “Shoo-wee, what’s that smell?” is first introduced.
  • This episode was performed in front of a live audience of over 200 in North Carolina in 2013 (video is still in production).  In the live show, Mr. Blue was deleted from the script in favor of having Mrs. Blue.

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