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Unless otherwise noted, these sermons were presented by Bradley Cobb.  The lessons here can be downloaded and listened to later (right-click the title and select “save target as”), or you can choose to play it from this page.

Miracle-Gro Evangelism (NEW 1-3-2015)
Christians often think that the church will somehow grow without their really doing anything.  Sure, they pray for growth, asking God to increase the church, but that’s like just dumping Miracle-Gro on your yard and expecting crops to come up.  What is needed if the church is going to grow?


Stay in the House (NEW 1-3-2015)
If you go out the door, you’re going to be killed.  And worse yet, it’s going to be your own fault if it happens.  This is what the Hebrew spies told Rahab.  What lessons can we learn from this warning?  How does this apply to us?


Spiritual Veterans (NEW 1-3-2015)
Far too often, Christians don’t stop and think about the men and women who have gone before them in the faith.  They take for granted the trials, sacrifices, and persecution that these great men and women of God underwent while standing up for the truth.  Won’t you take the time to give thanks for the spiritual veterans?


About Andrew and Nathanael
Have you ever considered the imperfect people that Jesus chose as his apostles?  Sure, we know about Peter, James, and John and some of their struggles, but what about some of the others?  What do you know about Andrew and Nathanael?  And how can knowing about them give us more confidence to live for Christ?


Calling on the Name of the Lord
What exactly does it mean to “call on the name of the Lord”?  Does it mean to pray?  To worship?  To “ask Jesus to come into your heart”?  We look at the Bible and give you the answer from God’s own word!


Building a Beautiful Church by Being Faithful.
This lesson, presented by Ted Knight (4-13-2014), is part of a series on “Building a Beautiful Church to the Glory of God.”  It is well-worth listening to.  Audio courtesy of the Gravel Hill church of Christ (used with permission).

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