Scripture Studies – Volumes 1 and 2

Originally published by Gospel Advocate, with an introduction by H. Leo Boles, these two valuable volumes have long been hard to find.

Fifty lessons to help build a solid foundation of the basics of Christianity.  (Scroll down for the complete list.)  Written for new converts as well as for those who teach Bible classes, this book has a years’ worth of lessons, and is profitable for individual or group study.

Now, these two great volumes are both available in one convenient collection, corrected and completely re-formatted to make for a snazzy-looking book full of the truth of God’s word!





Volume 1:

  1. The Importance of Studying The Bible.
  2. How We Got Our Bible.
  3. The Miracle of The Ages or Jehovah’s Greatest Wonder.
  4. How to Study The Bible.
  5. The Beginning.
  6. The Church—What Is It?.
  7. The Church—The Importance of Being Members of It.
  8. The Church—How To Become Members of It.
  9. What Man Must Do to Become Such As Should Be Saved (Part 1).
  10. What Man Must Do to Become Such As Should Be Saved (Part 2).
  11. What Man Must Do to Become Such As Should Be Saved (Part 3).
  12. What Man Must Do to Become Such As Should Be Saved (Part 4).
  13. A One-Hundred-Per-Cent Conversion.
  14. The Human Heart, or Heart-felt Religion.
  15. Abrahamic Faith—What Is It, and How May We Know We Have It?.
  16. Jehovah’s Demonstration.
  17. The Alien and Prayer.
  18. A Reason for Our Hope.
  19. The One New Man.
  20. The Witness of The Spirits.
  21. Seekers Who Always Find.
  22. “By Every Word That Proceedeth Out of the Mouth of God”.
  23. How to Establish Churches of Christ
    Here and There.
  24. God’s Power To Save.
  25. Can We See The Bible Alike? If So, Why Are We So Sadly Divided?
  26. Non-conversion Or Why You Are Not Saved.

Volume 2:

  1. Regular and Utility Scriptures.
  2. Miracles of Jehovah and Miracles of Satan.
  3. Jehovah’s Faithfulness in His Promises
    to Abraham and David.
  4. Helping God Find His Man.
  5. Freedom from All Condemnation.
  6. Walking on the Water.
  7. Walking With God.
  8. Foot Washing or The Spirit That Must Govern
    in the Church Of Christ.
  9. The First Look at the Model Church.
  10. The Second Look at the Model Church.
  11. The Money Question: the Tests of Faith and Love.
  12. The Sabbath or the Lord’s Day—Which?
  13. Meditations on the Kingdom.
  14. The Most Needed Thing in the Church.
  15. How Faith Grows Exceedingly.
  16. Can the Lord Depend on You?
  17. Our Lord and His Eternal Word.
  18. “Thy Heart is Not Right”
  19. Romans Chapter Fourteen.
  20. The Most Destructive Famine that Ever has Been.
  21. Something Supremely Important.
  22. God’s Image Restored.
  23. More About Our Father’s Image.
  24. Revealed Sense, Common Sense, Versus Nonsense.

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