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Episode Five – FREE!!!

Those of you who have listened to the Cobb Kids Audio Show know that it is great!  It’s good, clean fun starring Paul, Ivy, Savannah, and Deserae Cobb.  But, though thousands of people have heard the first four episodes, very few have gotten to hear Episode Five – Puck’s Farm.

But today, that all changes!  It’s been available in our store for just 99 cents, but in today’s post, you can listen to it for FREE! (see, I told you that we appreciated you!)

Just click the “play” button below (or click on the link if you’re seeing this via email), and enjoy!  We know you’ll like it, or your money back.


And when you’re done listening, you can go listen to the other episodes (including a blooper reel) by clicking here.

A Ten-Year-Old’s Poem

Savannah Cobb, co-star of the Cobb Kids Audio Show, wrote a poem back in January, when she was 10 years old.  She’s since had her birthday, so she’s 11 now.  But we wanted to take the time and share this poem with you.


“Everybody Gets Along in Heaven”
(by Savannah Cobb)

I wish I were where everyone gets along,
Our days have been weary and long,
Up there we shall sing a song,
It will be wonderful–God is never wrong.