“Hey Bill, have you seen Bruce?”

“He’s over in the corner talking to Puck.”

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the inhabitants of Quarterville.  Well, maybe it’s more accurate to say “Here’s everything that we can think of about the inhabitants of Quarterville.”

So, without further ado, get ready to meet the characters in the Cobb Kids Audio Shows.


Bruce Baloney (Paul Cobb)
Bruce is well-known throughout town.  He’s known as “the best friend” of Puck.  He’s also about the only one in town who knows what’s on Puck’s farm.  He always seems to have money, but no one else knows where it comes from (but you will if you listen to Spy Scarlet).  His drink of choice is chocolate milk.

Scarlet (Ivy Cobb)
Scarlet lives at home with her mom and dad.  She is really good friends with Jane and Josie, and she works in Jane’s Restaurant on occasion.  She’s a really big fan of the Laura Lane mystery books.  She’s kind of shy, but she can also be brave when the need arises.

Jane (Savannah Cobb)
Jane is known throughout town for her cooking abilities.  Before opening her own restaurant, she went door-to-door selling her brownies and other desserts.  She is the older sister of Baby Barbara.  Her imagination sometimes gets the better of her.

Baby Barbara (Deserae Cobb)
Baby Barbara is best known for making Bruce’s life miserable in the first episode.  She is the younger sister of Jane, and is almost always by her side.  She loves brownies.

Puck (Paul Cobb)
Puck works part-time at Jane’s Restaurant, but his real love is his farm.  He puts in a lot of work there, but for some reason the farm never makes any money.  He’s constantly asking Bruce for loans, and has every intention of paying him back as soon as his farm makes a profit.  But given what kind of farm that is, that might not happen for quite a while.  But that’s a story for another episode.

Josie Blue (Deserae Cobb)
Josie is a good friend of Scarlet, and enjoys spending time listening to her read Laura Lane mystery books.  She lives with her parents, and is grossed out by the thought of blood.

Lizzie (Savannah Cobb)
Lizzie is a bold, adventurous girl whose family just moved to Quarterville from England.  She’s obsessed with being a spy, and has read almost every Laura Lane mystery book.

Rose (Ivy Cobb)
Rose is Lizzie’s older sister, but nowhere near as bold.

Bartender Bill (Paul Cobb)
Bill runs the Sarsaparilla Saloon (where they don’t serve alcohol).  He is always chatty, and is sincerely interested in each of his customers.

Mrs. Karnes (RexAnn Roderick)
Mrs. Karnes is the one who gave Jane the idea to open her own restaurant.  She loves brownies…well, she loves Jane’s brownies.  She’s not too fond of her husband’s brownies.

Jillian (Jesse Cobb)
Jillian is the prettiest girl in Quarterville.  She’s also often the voice of reason.  A dedicated friend, she helped keep Jane’s Restaurant from going out of business.  Her car sounds a lot like a Rolls Royce.

Mr. Blue (Bradley Cobb)
Mr. Blue doesn’t like getting woke up in the middle of the night.  But, when he’s had enough rest, he’s a very reliable man who can be counted on when things don’t go as expected.

Mrs. Blue (Jesse Cobb)
She doesn’t like getting woke up in the middle of the night either.  But she loves her little Josie.

Mr. Oldman (Bradley Cobb)
Frequently using words like “whipper-snapper,” Mr. Oldman is really an old man (hence his name).  He frequently forgets where he put his teeth.

Mr. Karnes
Mr. Karnes runs the grocery store in Quarterville.  Even though his business is food, he’s not very good at baking (but he sure thinks he is).  In fact, his own wife said that his brownies taste “like the bottom of a shoe.”

The Librarian
No one knows anything about him, except that he’s always saying “shhhhhhhhhh.”

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