Sketches of Our Pioneers: a Brief Restoration Movement History

No study of the Restoration of New Testament Christianity is complete without knowing about some of the men who sacrificed and suffered as a result of their dedication to “Do Bible things in Bible ways.”


This book, by Frederick W. Power, gives brief biographies of several of the pioneer preachers of the Restoration Movement.  Also included, exclusively in this updated edition, is the Autobiography of Chester Bullard, which was edited by Mr. Power, and which hasn’t seen print since it was first published in 1893.


  1. Barton W. Stone
  2. Barton W. Stone (Continued)
  3. Thomas Campbell
  4. Alexander Campbell
  5. Alexander Campbell (Continued)
  6. Alexander Campbell (Continued)
  7. Walter Scott
  8. Walter Scott (Continued)
  9. Walter Scott (Continued)
  10. John T. Johnson
  11. Raccoon John Smith
  12. Raccoon John Smith (Continued)
  13. Samuel Rogers
  14. The Creaths
  15. Bentley, Henry, Raines, Hayden
  16. O’Kane, Goodwin, Hoshour, Mathes
  17. Allen, Hopson, Lard
  18. Burnet, Richardson, Shepard, Pendleton
  19. Bullard, Coleman, Shelburne
  20. Isaac Errett
  21. Autobiography of Chester Bullard
  22. Biographical Sketch of Frederick W. Power


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