Bradley Cobb Commentary Collection

This commentary set is the result of hundreds of hours of study, prayer, and work.  And it is continually being expanded!


Presently, this module (now available in e-Sword, e-Sword for iPad/iPhone, and MySword for Android) contains all three of the Bradley Cobb Commentaries that are available:

The Prodigal Slave: a Study of the Letter to Philemon

Fight for the Faith: a Study of the Letter from Jude

Justified by Works: a Study of the Letter from James

It also includes the currently-unpublished notes on 2 John (called “The Truth and the Liars”).  That means you get something NO ONE ELSE has even seen!

And they are all specifically formatted to be easy to use in e-Sword (and the other available formats).  And it’s only $9.99!  That’s cheaper than buying them in print (though we wouldn’t mind if you bought them in print too).


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