Abner Jones: A Collection (Volume 2)

Because of the positive response to the first Abner Jones collection, we are happy to announce that Abner Jones: A Collection (Volume 2) is in the works.  We are currently selecting (and writing) works to include in this new volume.

More information will be available when the book is closer to completion.


Memoirs of Abner Jones
This biography was written by Abner D. Jones, the son of the pioneer preacher.  In it, he quotes extensively from Abner’s own personal journal and fills in the rest of the story from his own memories.

Biographical Sketch of Elder Abner Jones
This short biography was written in the 1800s and interestingly, it appeared as an appendix of a biography of someone else.  Written by E. Edmund.

Abner Jones: A Restoration Movement Leader
This is the manuscript of a lecture delivered in 2013 at a Restoration Movement seminar, dealing with his life, his conversion, and his contributions to restoring Biblical Christianity.  Written by Bradley Cobb.


Expected Release date: 2021.

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