Jude: Fight for the Faith

There are things you want to do, but the things you need to do come first.  Jude wanted to write a happy, uplifting letter.  But he needed to write a letter of warning.


This 148-page commentary on Jude is excellent for teachers, preachers, and Bible students.  It is extensive, yet easy to understand.  It contains a thorough introduction, and in-depth notes on every verse, as well as practical application for today’s Christian.  It also includes a special section on “What are the ‘Love Feasts’?”

In these pages, you will see some of the following topics tackled and explained biblically:

  • Who is Michael the Archangel, and why should I care?
  • Does Jude quote from uninspired writings as though they were from God?
  • Does Jude teach “once saved, always saved”?
  • Does Jude really talk about “fallen angels”?

You might be surprised by some of the answers.


148 pages

Kindle version ($2.99) available on  Amazon.com

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