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We here at the CobbSix have created a lot of free things for your reading and/or listening enjoyment, and we thought that it would be really handy if all of it was put in one simple place to make it easier on you.

Free Audio Downloads

Sermons – download and listen to sermons on a variety of topics.

Restoration Movement – listen to a series of lectures on the lives of men within the Restoration Movement.

The Cobb Kids Audio Show – If you want to laugh and enjoy some good, clean fun, then you’ll want to check out the adventures of the gang in Quarterville.

e-Sword Downloads

Click here and scroll down to the “Free” section.

You can also check out all the free e-Sword files we made for the Gravel Hill church of Christ website.

Free eBooks

Over the past year, we’ve posted some freebies that were only available in posts, usually by clicking the download link in the posts themselves.  But now, you can get to them here:

The Herrin Conspiracy

The Autobiography of R.C. Bell

The Sabbath or the Lord’s Day, Which? (by D.R. Dungan)

The Christian System (by Alexander Campbell)

Christian Solutions to Modern Problems (by F.W. Mattox)

Abner Jones: A Brief Biography (by Bradley Cobb)

Victor Cross: International Missionary (by Bradley Cobb)
Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Abner Jones: Christian Only (by Bradley Cobb)
Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4

The Cobb Kids Audio Show

Yes, we mentioned it earlier, but it is really worth mentioning twice!  We’ve got four free episodes and a “bloopers” track. And if you’re feeling rich, the fifth episode is only 99 cents.

Episode 1: Funnier and Funnier

Episode 2: Jane’s Restaurant

Episode 3: Spy Scarlet

Episode 4: The Halloween Special

The Bloopers

Episode 5: Puck’s Farm

Short Stories

The Accident King (by Deserae Cobb)






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