Philemon: The Prodigal Slave

An old gospel preacher, imprisoned because of his faith.
A runaway slave who never wanted to be found.
A slave owner who was praised by God.
And an inspired guilt trip.

This is the letter to Philemon.


The letter to Philemon is one of the most neglected books of the Bible.  It’s short, and so it gets overlooked as we pass from Titus to Hebrews.  But this short letter is a goldmine waiting to be explored!

This 132-page commentary is in-depth, extensive, and at the same time easy to understand, regardless of your biblical knowledge.  Modern-day application to the Christian life is made throughout the pages of this book.

As an added bonus, there are also three appendices dealing with some specific questions within the book:

  • How did Onesimus became a slave?
  • Where did Philemon live?
  • Could this letter be the “Letter from Laodicea”?

In addition, there are also three full-length sermon outlines for your study, consideration, and use; as well as a section titled “Are You Saved?”

What others have said:

  • “This is the best commentary on Philemon I’ve ever seen!” –a preacher from Texas.
  • “The book is helpful” –a preacher in Tennessee.
  • “Love it!” –a preacher in Canada.

Here’s a link to a review about The Prodigal Slave.

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