Restoration Movement

We love history, especially the Restoration Movement.  That’s why we spend hundreds of hours to make these books available to you!


Each of the books in our Restoration Movement collection have been completely re-formatted and updated to give you the best possible reading experience.  Literally hundreds of hours have been spent carefully proofreading the text, and correcting any mistakes.  in some cases, extensive footnotes have been added to explain any uncommon words or concepts.  In short, we want you to be able to enjoy these books.

Simply click on the titles below to find out more about them!

Alexander Campbell: A Collection (volume 1)

Alexander Campbell: A Collection (volume 2)

Abner Jones: A Collection (volume 1)

Abner Jones: A Collection (volume 2)

Pardee Butler: The Definitive Collection

Sketches of Our Pioneers: a Brief Restoration Movement History

Toils and Struggles of the Olden Times: The Autobiography of Elder Samuel Rogers

And there are more in the works!

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