Episode 2 – Jane’s Restaurant

“You know, these brownies are so good, you ought to open up your own restaurant…”

“Thanks for saying so, goodbye!  hrmm…My own restaurant?”


Jane’s friends (Scarlet, Bruce, and Jillian) help her start her own restaurant.  But when Jane’s told that her desserts are “terrible,” will her dreams be crushed?  Or will she get to the bottom of the mystery and make her restaurant a success?

Episode Fun Facts:

  • The plot for this episode was conceived by all four Cobb Kids, during a brainstorming session in which several potential story ideas were presented.
  • Mrs. Karnes was played by RexAnn Roderick, whose maiden name was Karnes.
  • Mr. Karnes is mentioned for the first time in this episode.  All we know about him is that he runs a grocery store (that’s mentioned in episode 3), and that his brownies “taste like the bottom of a shoe.”
  • This episode introduces another supporting character: Jillian, the prettiest girl in Quarterville (played by Jesse Cobb).
  • Listen closely to the sound effects and see if some of them sound familiar!

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