Episode 4 – The Halloween Special

“A change of ingredients every now and then can really kill you, can’t it?”

“…kill you?”


It’s the Halloween festival, and people have gone missing.  Jillian is gone, and there’s blood in her house.  The two people running the snack stand are the prime suspects.  With the festival just hours away, can Puck and Jillian be found?  And where are Mr. Oldman’s teeth?

Episode Fun Facts:

  • This episode was almost entirely written on a road trip, a full year before it was released!
  • Recording sessions for this episode took place in three different states.
  • Many random Cobb-related people jumped at the opportunity to record some lines, regardless of how small they might be (the lines, not the people).
  • The sound effect for Jillian’s car is actually that of a Rolls Royce.

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