The Christian Light

It’s Tuesday, which means yet another addition to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary!

Today, we are happy to present to you some issues of a periodical that had several well-known authors in it.  B.C. Goodpasture, Guy N. Woods, G.K. Wallace, Ben Vick, Wendell Winkler, Wayne Jackson, Robert Taylor, Rod Rutherford, and many more!  It is The Christian Light, edited by J. Noel Merideth.

If anyone happens to have copies of this publication that we haven’t made available, and would be willing to either scan them or send them to us to be scanned, please contact us and let us know!

To download these to your computer, or read them online, just click the links below:

Christian Light (July, 1986)

  • The New American Standard (J. Noel Merideth)
  • We have Made a Mistake (Max R. Miller)
  • An Open Letter to Alan Cloyd (Rod Rutherford)
  • A Happy Homemaker (Cheryl Lambert)
  • E.R. Harper (1898-1986)
  • Had There Been No Bethlehem (E.R. Harper)
  • How Lovely the Morning (poem)
  • Three Words (Allen Ashlock)
  • Updates
  • When a Spouse Dies (poem)


Christian light (October, 1988)

  • McCord Changes Again (J. Noel Merideth)
  • The “Image” of Apostasy (Wayne Jackson)
  • The Deity of Jesus in Psalms (Robert R. Taylor, Jr.)
  • Chinese Superstitions (M.H. Tucker)
  • On the Elusiveness of Sleep (Dan Harless)
  • Will History Repeat Itself? (James Wilford Nickens)
  • The Revised Standard Version  (B.C. Goodpasture)
  • The Genuineness of Mark 16:9-20 (Guy N. Woods)
  • Advice to Elders (G.K. Wallace)
  • Charles Holt and the Lord’s Church (Ben F. Vick, Jr.)
  • Can We Fall From Grace? (Vera Benefield)
  • The Soul Winner’s Divine Assurances (Wendell Winkler)


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