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The Minister’s Monthly

Beginning in 1955, Gospel Advocate began producing a journal for preachers and elders, called “The Minister’s Monthly.”  It was quite popular during its heyday, but like so many other brotherhood periodicals, it has gone away.

However, we will be making several of these issues available for you in the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary over the coming months (Lord willing).

Today, we’ll start you out with the issue from July, 1956.  It starts off with a biographical sketch of T.B. Larimore (whose picture is on the cover), gives a first-hand account of the power of Alexander Campbell’s preaching style, includes several sermon outlines, many illustrations, and articles as well.

We think you’ll enjoy it!  Like the other periodicals we’ve uploaded the past week, this one is a straight scan of the original, with no tweaking or reformatting.

Ministers Monthly (July 1956)

-Bradley S. Cobb

Free Brotherhood Periodicals

Among the items that Jimmie Beller (for whom the free eLibrary is named) kept and enjoyed, there was a special place for brotherhood periodicals, journals, magazines, or whatever you would like to call them.  He had a good-sized collection of them when he passed away.

Today, we are presenting a couple of them for your perusal.

The Expositor

Edited by Winfred Clark, the one copy of this periodical that we have contains two full-length sermon outlines.  One on 2 Peter 3, and the other on the Ruth, chapter one.

The Expositor (May 1982)

The Bible Way

This short-lived periodical (lasting 3 years) was a 4-page endeavor, edited by Ken Butterworth and John Shaver.  The only issue we have in our possession appears to be the final one.

The Bible way (November 1986)

Like yesterday, these periodicals are scanned and presented as they originally appeared.  We hope you find them useful and edifying.

-Bradley S. Cobb

First Century Christian

First Century Christian

In the 1980s and 1990s, Roy J. Hearn and others put together a periodical called “First Century Christian.”  It was a very good paper, with lots of good articles and well-known writers adorning its pages.  It has long been out of print and unavailable to most people.

We have located a handful of issues (eleven, to be exact), and with permission, have scanned them and are making them available for FREE in the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary.  But you can also download each of them straight from this post by clicking the links below.

Just a note: Unlike most of our other offerings, these files are the actual scans.  We’ve not done any editing, converting, proofreading, or anything like that.  So, what you see in these files are exactly what you would have seen if you had subscribed to First Century Christian years ago.

Without further elaboration, we bid you ENJOY!

First Century Christian (January 1993)

First Century Christian (October 1991)

First Century Christian (May 1991)

First Century Christian (November 1991)

First Century Christian (July 1991)

First Century Christian (December 1991)

First Century Christian (June 1992)

First Century Christian (July 1992)

First Century Christian (September 1992)

First Century Christian (March 1992)

First Century Christian (May 1992)

-Bradley S. Cobb

The Christian Light

It’s Tuesday, which means yet another addition to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary!

Today, we are happy to present to you some issues of a periodical that had several well-known authors in it.  B.C. Goodpasture, Guy N. Woods, G.K. Wallace, Ben Vick, Wendell Winkler, Wayne Jackson, Robert Taylor, Rod Rutherford, and many more!  It is The Christian Light, edited by J. Noel Merideth.

If anyone happens to have copies of this publication that we haven’t made available, and would be willing to either scan them or send them to us to be scanned, please contact us and let us know!

To download these to your computer, or read them online, just click the links below:

Christian Light (July, 1986)

  • The New American Standard (J. Noel Merideth)
  • We have Made a Mistake (Max R. Miller)
  • An Open Letter to Alan Cloyd (Rod Rutherford)
  • A Happy Homemaker (Cheryl Lambert)
  • E.R. Harper (1898-1986)
  • Had There Been No Bethlehem (E.R. Harper)
  • How Lovely the Morning (poem)
  • Three Words (Allen Ashlock)
  • Updates
  • When a Spouse Dies (poem)


Christian light (October, 1988)

  • McCord Changes Again (J. Noel Merideth)
  • The “Image” of Apostasy (Wayne Jackson)
  • The Deity of Jesus in Psalms (Robert R. Taylor, Jr.)
  • Chinese Superstitions (M.H. Tucker)
  • On the Elusiveness of Sleep (Dan Harless)
  • Will History Repeat Itself? (James Wilford Nickens)
  • The Revised Standard Version  (B.C. Goodpasture)
  • The Genuineness of Mark 16:9-20 (Guy N. Woods)
  • Advice to Elders (G.K. Wallace)
  • Charles Holt and the Lord’s Church (Ben F. Vick, Jr.)
  • Can We Fall From Grace? (Vera Benefield)
  • The Soul Winner’s Divine Assurances (Wendell Winkler)


The Torch of Truth

We here at the Cobb Six strive to bring you interesting reading.  Whether its one of our own articles, part of our book on the Apostles (still in process), or new additions to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary, we hope that you find what we send out to be worthwhile.

Before we tell you about today’s new freebies, can we make a request?  If you know of someone who you think would enjoy the material we are making available, please feel free to tell them about us, or send us their email address so that they can receive each new post via email (we don’t do anything else with the email addresses at all, and never will).  Our subscription form isn’t working for some reason (isn’t technology wonderful?), so we have to enter the email addresses in manually.

Thank you in advance.

Now, on to the new FREE stuff!

The Torch of Truth was a publication put out by brethren in the 1980s, and features articles by men such as G.K. Wallace, Richard E. Black, George W. DeHoff, Wayne Price, Billy Blakeney, Cled Wallace, Hugo McCord, and many others.

We don’t know how many years this was published, nor how many issues were produced, but we’re happy to present to you the issues that we were able to locate.  If you happen to have some copies of this publication (or other publications that are no longer being produced) and would be willing to donate them to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary so others can enjoy them too, please let us know!

Simply click the link on each title to read it online or to save to your favorite reading device for later edification!

Torch of Truth (Volume 3, Number 3)

  • Straight Paths and Crooked Ways (G.K. Wallace)
  • Life in the Spirit (Richard E. Black)
  • Receive Ye the Holy Spirit (Wayne Price)
  • How “They” Fight (George W. DeHoff)
  • Premillennialism: Modern Judaism (Richard E. Black)
  • Too Many Baptisms in Religion! (Richard E. Black)

Torch of Truth (Volume 3, Number 4)

  • Calvinism’s Five Theological Errors (Richard E. Black)
  • The First Amendment and the Church/State Relation (Richard E. Black)
  • Innovators Self-Condemned (Guy N. Woods)
  • Simplisticism (Richard E. Black)
  • The Application of Principles (P.W. Stonestreet)
  • The Battle of Armageddon (Ted W. McElroy)
  • Rules of Life (anonymous)
  • Honorable Hannah (Richard E. Black)
  • The Vacant Pulpit (G.K. Wallace)

Torch of Truth (Volume 3, Number 6)

  • Our Liberty in Christ & the Silence of the Scripture (Richard E. Black)
  • Let the Church be the Church (George W. DeHoff)
  • Crimes Under Cover (Hugo McCord)
  • Tribute to Foy E. Wallace, Jr. (Richard E. Black)
  • A Man’s Enemies (Cled E. Wallace)
  • Should and Shall (Graham Cain)
  • Humanism in the Public School System (Richard E. Black)
  • Trembling at God’s Word (P.W. Stonestreet)
  • Misunderstood (R.L. Whiteside)
  • Humanism’s Classroom Assault on the Church (Richard E. Black)
  • The Gospel (Richard E. Black)
  • Man Without God (Billy Blakeney)
  • The Cotton Patch Version and “Eggheads” (Glenn L. Wallace)
  • Implicit Faith (Alexander Campbell)


-Bradley Cobb