Tracing the Restoration Movement (1809-1904)

“Thus saith the Lord” was the cry of the men who preached the ancient gospel.  Their dream was the union of all the religious groups on the foundation of the Bible.  Leaving denominational names, creeds, and doctrines behind, these brave souls went back to the Scriptures and followed only what they could find in its pages.

But not everyone was happy with going back to the Bible.  The brave men of the Restoration Movement had to withstand attacks from denominationalists determined to hold on to their traditions.  Even worse, they had to withstand attacks from their own brethren who thought union was more important than obedience to God’s commands.

This book traces the rise of the “Reformers” of the 1800s, and strikingly illustrates the animosity, sadness, and division that arose when brethren refused to be bound by a “thus saith the Lord.”

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This book was originally penned in 1905, but has undergone a massive overhaul to make it more accurate, more relevant, and more understandable.  Footnotes have been added when needed, and a brand-new final chapter has been added.

If you’re interested in the Restoration Movement, and you want a book that helps you understand the who, when, where, why, and how of it, this is the one.

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We know you will find it interesting!

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