A Ten-Year-Old’s Poem

Savannah Cobb, co-star of the Cobb Kids Audio Show, wrote a poem back in January, when she was 10 years old.  She’s since had her birthday, so she’s 11 now.  But we wanted to take the time and share this poem with you.


“Everybody Gets Along in Heaven”
(by Savannah Cobb)

I wish I were where everyone gets along,
Our days have been weary and long,
Up there we shall sing a song,
It will be wonderful–God is never wrong.

4 thoughts on “A Ten-Year-Old’s Poem”

  1. As a person who enjoys poetry, and also writes poetry, I love this little poem. Many of the world’s best poems have been the smallest. I’ve written over 300 poems, some of them as short as a paragraph and the others as long as a page, and I have published a few of them in compilation writings. I think Savannah has potential to be a great poet. Just express your thoughts and don’t worry so much about structure. Poetry is as much of expression as it is about the technical stuff.

    Keep up your writing! This is very beautiful and eloquent.

  2. You know that’s what I’ve hope for for a long time. I don’t like all the fighting either,and one day I hope and pray to see that part of the world wear there is no fighting either. You and you brother and sisters have grew very much in the Lord and I’m glad you have a good Christian mom and dad and I loved your home love you all Aunt Joyce

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