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We hope you haven’t gotten overwhelmed with all these new additions to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary the past couple weeks, but we’ve got a lot of books that have been sitting ready to go into the library, and we thought it’d be cruel to make you wait a week for each new one to be posted.  🙂


Today’s book was originally written as an entry to The American Church History Series, a multi-volume encyclopedia of all the different religious groups in America (this appeared in volume 12).  It was edited by Philip Schaff.

But though it was originally an encyclopedia entry, don’t think that it’s some short little thing.  B.B. Tyler (author of another book titled Concerning the Disciples of Christ) wrote a lengthy, 10-chapter book (our version is 143 pages) about the history of the Restoration Movement.

As always, we’ve gone through it and fixed any typos we ran across, and reformatted it to make it more pleasing on the eyes.

Click the link below to read it online or to download it for later enjoyment!

A history of the Disciples of Christ in America (B.B. Tyler)

-Bradley S. Cobb

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