The Modern Literal Version

The “Modern Literal Version 2015 Update” is officially out. So is its supplement “The New Koine Greek Textbook Vol. I & II”

PDF’s downloads and other information always at:

e-Sword modules are updated and now with the dictionary module you can find out more than you ever wanted to know about any word in the MLV within a few clicks including all the Greek. ALL for free. This gives you the ultimate word study tool and (free) Greek study tool.

the “Modern Literal Version 2015 Update” (MLV.bblx)
the dictionary/concordance +Greek Dictionary & Concordance (MLVDC+G.dict)

Android version of the MLV:

A facebook group for you who want to work on making these better:

Book form (give someone a present for Christmas they need):
MLV 2013 (but 2015 inside) at $6.29 on 6″x9″ wide margin

MLV (2015) Pew Sized 6″x9″ at $9.09

NOTE: The MLV is not sold for profit, it is the world most accurate bible translation (Greek to English; English to Greek), Open as in Open Source software. The “New Koine Greek Textbook” is a work in progress so if you want to teach millions come on board. A few million people may know about the “Modern Literal Version” one billion need to be using it daily.

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