Since 2012, Cobb Publishing has been producing high-quality books at very reasonable prices.


Our specialties are Bible commentaries and Restoration Movement collections.  In the coming months, we will be expanding our selections to include some books written for children and teens as well.

Our books are all available in high-quality paperback or in Kindle formats.   We recommend purchasing them from to get the best price and the quickest shipping.


Literally hundreds of hours of work have gone into making these collections the best they can be.  Each collection has been carefully selected, meticulously edited, and completely reformatted to give you the best possible reading experience.

Many of the works contained in these collections have been out of print for years–some of them over 200 years!

For more information on our Restoration Movement Collections, click on the titles below.


Alexander Campbell: A Collection (Volume 1)

Alexander Campbell: A Collection (Volume 2)

Abner Jones: A Collection (Volume 1)

Pardee Butler: The Definitive Collection


Toils and Struggles of Olden Times: The Autobiography of Elder Samuel Rogers

A Sketch of the Life and Labors of Richard McNemar 


Sketches of Our Pioneers: A Brief Restoration Movement History

Disciples of Christ: Tracing the Restoration Movement (1809-1904)

Concerning the Disciples of Christ: A Restoration Movement Workbook


These Bible commentaries are the result of many hours of prayer, study, and labor.  Each one of them is in-depth, but extremely easy to read and understand.  They explain the text, but also help make practical application to modern Christians.  They have been highly praised by preachers, Bible class teachers, and Bible students all over North America.

The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts

Immediately! A Sermon Commentary on The Gospel of Mark (IN PROCESS)

The Prodigal Slave: A Study of the Letter to Philemon

Fight for the Faith: A Study of the Letter from Jude

Justified by Works: A Study of the Letter from James

Wait, Not THEM! A Study of the Prophecy of Habakkuk



The Hansen/Webster Debate on Eschatology

The Oliphant/Smith Debate on the Existence of God

The Wallace/Stauffer Debate on the Lord’s Supper and Infant Baptism

Adult Bible Studies:

Scripture Studies, Volumes 1 and 2 (S.H. Hall)

Studies in the Scriptures: Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians (R.C. Bell)

The Life of the Apostle Paul (Barbara Dowell)

Sermon Collections:

The Beatitudes: A Sermon Collection (Bradley Cobb)

Sermons from First Corinthians (George W. DeHoff)

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