Episode 1 – Funnier and Funnier

“Bruce, are you doing anything today?”

“Well, I don’t think so…”

“Good! Then you can watch Baby Barbara!”

And so the fun begins.  Bruce is stuck babysitting a two-year old who is having some…stomach issues.  And let’s just say that it’s not going well.


This episode introduces most of the primary characters in the town of Quarterville: Bruce Baloney, Scarlet, Jane, Baby Barbara, and Puck.

Episode Fun Facts:

  • This episode was completely created and written by Paul Cobb, at the age of 10.
  • The sound of a glass of chocolate milk sliding across the bar was actually fingernails scraping across a guitar string!
  • The introduction to the episode calls it “P.C. Audio Shows,” because it was written and created by Paul Cobb.  Starting with the second episode, it was changed to the Cobb Kids Audio Shows.
  • This episode originally had an ad for “Spatula City” (taken from the Weird Al Yankovic movie, UHF), but was replaced because we really don’t want to get a mean letter from some lawyers.

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