The Quarterly

Encourage, Edify, Educate, and Enjoy!


Premiering January, 2017, a BRAND-NEW publication designed to encourage you in your walk as a Christian, with Biblical and practical articles to help as you try to live out Christ in your life.

In additional to special articles each issue, our regular features include:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (During Home Bible Studies)
  • Pictures from the Tabernacle
  • Bridging the Generation Gap in the Church
  • Restoration Moments
  • Biblical Biographies
  • Lives and Stories of Current Christians
  • Practical Encouragement for Teens
  • and much, much more!

Published four times a year with articles from faithful Christians from across the country.

Each magazine-sized issue will have a minimum of 60 pages.

Available in both print and digital editions, a year’s subscription gets you what amounts to four new books for one low price.

The printed edition is just $15.99 per year (for multiple copies to the same address, contact us).

The digital edition is just $9.99 per year

If you prefer not to make online purchases, you can mail a check to:
Cobb Publishing
704 E. Main St.
Charleston, AR 72933

Otherwise, choose your subscription option below:

2 thoughts on “The Quarterly”

  1. Brad,
    I am looking forward to your new venture. I was thinking about the very same endeavor but only digital. I appreciate all your efforts to promote the cause of Christ and the faithfulness of the saints.

  2. Brad,
    GREAT idea! We always need more of this type of resource within the church. I’d like to also offer my efforts to contribute an article from time to time for the building up of the body if you see fit to use it.
    Very exciting adventure! Can’t wait!

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