David Lipscomb Commentary Collection

David Lipscomb.  He was a gentleman and a true scholar.  He helped hold the church together, especially in the south, after the Civil War.  He helped to create the Gospel Advocate, and was its editor for decades.  He also helped found the Nashville Bible School (now David Lipscomb University).


In 1896, David Lipscomb published his commentary on Acts.  Before his death in 1917, Lipscomb had compiled his own commentary notes on the books of John, and all of Paul’s epistles (Romans through Philemon), but never published them because he believed they could be improved upon.  He requested that J.W. Shepherd, his dear friend, expand these notes and publish them.  Beginning in 1935, the David Lipscomb commentary collection began to see the light of day.

J.W. Shepherd took Lipscomb’s notes, but also went back and scoured through all of the articles that Lipscomb had written for the Gospel Advocate to find more material.  And, at the request of Lipscomb, Shepherd also added his own notes to “fill out” the commentaries on Paul’s epistles.  C.E.W. Dorris was chosen to expand the notes on John.

Then these commentaries were made available to the public.

  • John (originally published in 1939)
  • Acts (originally published in 1896)
  • Romans (originally published in 1935, expanded in 1943)
  • First Corinthians (originally published in 1935)
  • Second Corinthians and Galatians (originally published in 1936)
  • Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians (originally published in 1939)
  • Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon (originally published in 1942)

Years have gone by, and these commentaries are still of great use!  This is why we have taken the time (well over 100 hours of work) to convert these wonderful commentaries into e-Sword format (as well as theWord, and MySword).

Seven volumes, 2110 pages of notes, all available in one very usable format.  We have taken great care to make sure the formatting is beneficial, that the spelling is correct, and as much as was possible, check to make sure the cross-references  were correct (if you find a mistake, please let us know).  Comments in italics were added by J.W. Shepherd (or C.E.W. Dorris in the book of John).

Look at the example below (Acts 2:38), and see for yourself.  Click on the image to enlarge it.


This collection is an absolute bargain!  Just $4.99 FREE!!!! gets you the entire seven-volume set.  Just right-click the file below that matches up with your Bible study program, and save it to your computer.  You will need to then “unzip” the file and move the Lipscomb file to the proper directory.  For directions on how to get this file recognized in e-Sword, click here and scroll to the “Installation Instructions” section.

Lipscomb for e-Sword (for computers with Windows)

Lipscomb-MS  for MySword (for Android devices)

Lipscomb-tW for TheWord (for computers with Windows)

lipscomb-eSHD  for e-Sword HD (for iPhone, iPad, and Apple computers)

5 thoughts on “David Lipscomb Commentary Collection”

  1. Brother Bradley,
    What is the difference in Mysword and eSword? Which do I order for the 7 vol. set?
    Thank you,
    Cherrye Fletcher

    1. MySword is a Bible-study program for Android devices (mysword.info). e-Sword is a free Bible-study program for Windows computers (e-sword.net). You’d order whichever one matches the system you use. The content is identical.

  2. Good morning, Bradley,

    Suddenly, I cannot get David Lipscomb’s commentary to display in e-Sword. It once did display properly because I have comments from it in my personal notes. Now, it will not display at all!

    I can go to the e-Sword folder and it shows that Lipscomb.cmtx with a file size of 5,807 KB is in that folder along with a lot of other commentaries that do display properly. I tried deleting it and reinstalling and then restarting e-Sword. That did not work. It still does not show up at all, and it is not listed in the Resources section of e-Sword.

    Any ideas would certainly be appreciated.

    Thanks for all you do in the kingdom.



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