Keep us in your prayers tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be a stressful day for the Cobb Six.

Deserae, our youngest (she’s 12), will be undergoing spinal fusion surgery Wednesday morning, starting around 7:30.  They will be screwing metal rods to her spine in order to correct a potentially life-threatening case of scoliosis.

Desi (as we call her) is holding up as well as can be expected, though as it gets near, she is getting more and more nervous.  The same thing is true for her parents.

If you subscribe to the Quarterly, you might remember a couple poems that Deserae wrote, which were published in the first issue.  We are including that poem below.  Please take the moment to read it, and then say a prayer for her.

God knows the difference between right and wrong,
We should live for Him, though our lives are long,

We’ve suffered here for many years,
Though Jesus went through more than tears,

They whipped Him and beat Him until He died,
Then they shoved a spear through His side,

But now He’s up on God’s right side,
Up in heaven so fair and bright,

Trust and obey, we can go too,
Lord I will live my life for you.

3 thoughts on “Keep us in your prayers tomorrow”

  1. I trust the Lord will comfort all of you. It will be wonderful if this surgery makes her life at least a little easier.

  2. I remember how I was strengthened when all of you visited me when I was in the hospital. May that strength that you gave me through the Lord be multiplied and flow back to all of you, especially to Deserae, today and every day. May the Lord guide the hands of those that do the work that all may we well. May He strengthen the heart of all of you.


  3. Our Father, who dwells in the most Holy of dwellings, praise and glory to your Holy Name.
    Thank you Gauge for the Cobb 6. Bless them Father with every spiritual blessing that flows from you glorious throne.
    Be with Desirae as she is facing a major challenge in he life. Be with the doctors as the perform surgery on her spine, that the education and experience they have been give by you will result in success and healing for this Lyle child of yours. Give strength and courage to her family as they also face a major challenge at this point and time in their life.
    You are Great and living, your spirit is already with those who live you. Mercy and grace are yours and given to those who have and are following the king of kings. Thank you for the Cobb 6, bless them and keep them.
    In the name of the King I ask this of you,
    Amen and amen.

  4. Deserae,
    The whole Sprague clan will be praying for you. My wife, 10 year-old, Victoria, 8 year-old, Isabella, 2 year-old Christopher, and I will be sure to pray for you. We will also make requests at the church, here, to pray for your recovery.
    With your family, and prayers, you have the greatest preparation you can for this procedure.
    In Christ, Who can do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we can ask or think,


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