A Big Announcement (and how you can benefit)

We’ve not said anything about it here, but we’ve been working on shuffling some things around to make TheCobbSix.com less cluttered and easier to navigate.

The biggest part of it is that the store, where you can purchase many of the books from Cobb Publishing, is going to be moved to a brand-new website.

As part of this moving of the store, we are having a massive blow-out sale of all the books we currently have in-stock.  Most of these brand-new books are priced at $5.00 or less until they’re gone.  Even after shipping, that’s cheaper than you can get them on Amazon.

To take advantage of this “while supplies last” offer, just go to the store page.

Our new website, dedicated exclusively to the Cobb Publishing business, is (drum roll, please…) CobbPublishing.com.  It is still under construction, though we’ve got several items there ready for purchase.  And in the coming weeks, our entire catalog of books will be made available.

Lastly, if you’ve written a book, and are interested in seeing it in print, please contact us.  We would be happy to talk with you about the services we offer in that area.

-Bradley S. Cobb


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