Your brother needs your prayers

Less than two years ago, after helping a congregation get back on firm footing, grounded in the truth, James Sims, Sr., was asked to go to Florida to help a small congregation which was struggling with which direction they needed to follow.  After a year and a half of struggles, of extremely difficult work, and very little financial support, James decided he and his family needed to find another place to work.

He, along with many of his friends who also preach, have been praying that God would open a door of opportunity for him.  And God has thrown open the most unexpected door of all!  Let me tell you about it.

An Episcopal Church [that’s the American version of the Church of England] in another state decided to endorse homosexual marriage, in clear violation of the Bible’s description of marriage as between a male and a female.  As a result, several members there left and decided to start their own church.  Many of them live in the same community as one of James’ relatives.  This relative let them know that she had a preacher in the family, and they invited him to come speak to them for a week.

This is a group of people who obviously think that the Bible is God’s word, and that following it is important.  So this Lord’s Day (October 4th) James presented the pure gospel message to them, straight from the Bible.  Studies have been set up, and he has been requested to go over some of the material again with them.

What this brother needs right now is prayer.  Pray for his strength to speak God’s message.  Pray for the listeners to respond with open and honest hearts.  Pray for God to take that seed that has now been planted and “give the increase.”

Additionally, if you want to give him some words of encouragement, you can leave them in the comments section and he will see them.

Other people have been stepping up to help him with this endeavor.  One kind brother supplied several copies of the Modern Literal Version to give out to these truth-seekers. He also came prepared with several copies of a DVD called “Why Are There So Many Churches?”

Won’t you please pray for this brother in Christ who is being blessed with an absolutely amazing opportunity?

4 thoughts on “Your brother needs your prayers”

  1. Thank you very much for the prayer request and to the brethren who are praying for this effort. God is working and Peach and I are working hard to glorify God. He will give the increase in His time and we have planted a lot of seeds. Handing out tracks, dvd’s, bible reference cards and 26 bibles. Great week and a thank you to my sister who set this up and flew Peach and I up here. We will see and there are some Q&A’s to be finished up. I did leave my email and other contact information as well as a local minister if needed who can help continue if needed. Also, one restoration this weekend and all the thanks go to God and the brethren praying for this effort. Thank you again to God and all who helped make this happen.
    In Christ,
    James and Peach.

  2. To God be the glory! This effort is certainly in our prayers and we are confident that He will give the increase in a mighty way. Stand behind the cross, plant the seed and let the Spirit of God work on them! Brother James, my name is Al Washington and I am the Donations Fund Manager for World Video Bible School (WVBS, Inc.), the producers of the DVD material “Why Are There So Many Churches”. Don’t hesitate to let me know if we can help by donating more Bible study resources from our inventory to assist with this endeavor. Browse our inventory @ and either call the office (512-398-5211) or email me ( I’ll have it shipped to you as quickly as possible. God’s blessings to you & your family.

  3. Thank you very much brother Washington I will let you know if we can use more dvd’s.
    I got a copy of the Muscle / Shovel and it is in the hands of the needy. Hopefully it will open up some eyes along with the dvd’s.
    God is awesome.
    I told the two I will check on them next week. Thanks for all the prayers/help and if we can get a church started WVBs would be a great help going door to door with the dvd’s etc.

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