We are moving

in 2009, we were asked to come to McLoud, OK to work with the congregation there.  Upon graduating from the Bible Institute of Missouri, we moved there and I officially became the preacher there on June 20th, 2010.

Now, nearly seven years later, we are embarking on a new adventure.  Our time with the McLoud congregation was full of blessings, spending time with some of the greatest people we’ve ever met, growing both as Christians and as workers in the Lord’s kingdom.  We’ve experienced great joy, being able to be a part of bringing people to Christ, making friendships that can never be forgotten, and being loved and supported by so many members of the congregation.  There have been downs as well, but they don’t come close to equaling the highs of our time here.

Unfortunately, as of this week, our time here in McLoud has come to an end.  We are packing up everything in the house (except for what we’re giving away or throwing away) and preparing to move.  We will be making Arkansas our base of operations temporarily while we look into other ministry opportunities.

It is an exciting time for the Cobb family, but we would greatly appreciate your prayers as we move on to this next stage in our lives.   We love you all!

-Bradley S. Cobb and the rest of the Cobb Six.

3 thoughts on “We are moving”

  1. May the Lord prepare the next work for you, and prepare you for the next work–that the fit might be like hand in glove!
    My prayers,

  2. I will be praying that you never get so discouraged that you stop writing or doing the indepth study that you have done up to this point. Be safe and keep God first and all the other stuff will fall in to place.

  3. Keep me posted. Give me an update as you get settled and begin a new work in another place. May god bless and keep you and the family.

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