Two New Sisters in Christ!!!

This isn’t an article.  I just thought I’d make that clear from the outset.  But I know you’ll want to read it anyway.

Just after Bible study, Savannah (our daughter) told me that she wanted to be baptized, and she didn’t want to wait any longer.  She said she needed to be saved, she didn’t want to go to the “bad place,” and she wanted to have her sins washed away.  She also added that she wanted to make sure that when she died, she’d be able to be with her mom and dad forever.

As she was getting ready, Deserae (also our daughter) decided that she was tired of waiting and worrying about her soul.  She confessed that she has sinned, that she knew it was sin, and that she needed to be forgiven by God for her sins.  She said “I need to be saved.”

So just a few minutes later, I had the joyful pleasure of immersing both of them into Jesus Christ.

First Savannah:



Then Deserae



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