Our humblest apologies.

I posted the latest in the Chronological Life of Christ series, when I discovered something was wrong. Not with the post, mind you (though I’m sure there may be a typo lurking in it somewhere).

We switched the service that emails out these blog posts to our subscribers, and realized today that it unsubscribed a bunch of people in the process (including me).

So in case you didn’t receive some of the previous posts on the Chronological Life of Christ, here are direct links to read them on the website.

Part 1: Why are there Four Gospels?

Part 2: The Pre-Incarnate Christ

Part 2a: Considering Christophanies

Part 3: Why Don’t the Genealogies Match? (Part One–Matthew’s Account)

Part 4: Why Don’t the Genealogies Match? (Part Two–Luke’s Account)

Next week, we will have part 5: the Birth of Elijah, the Way-Preparer (John the Immerser).

Thanks for reading, and please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

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