The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts

It’s been months in the making, but our latest book, The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts is just about done.  We believe that you will find it to be a worthwhile and valuable resource.


  • An in-depth look at every passage in Acts which mentions or alludes to the Holy Spirit.
  • Each passage is examined to come to a better understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit as described in the book of Acts.
  • Opposing viewpoints are considered (when such exist) in light of the context of each passage and the book as a whole.
  • No stances are taken on interpretation of a passage without first proving from the Bible that it is the proper one.
  • An appendix on the end of miracles.

This book came about because of the wrangling that is done throughout the church over the issue of the Holy Spirit, His work, and how various passages in Acts are used or misused in an effort to prove each side’s arguments.

Coming in at just over 200 pages, this book is easy to read and understand, but it is in-depth, and backs up its conclusions with careful Bible examination.  Unlike some books which attempt to tell you what to believe on the issue, this one attempts to prove from the Scriptures what the proper belief is.

Issues covered in the book include:

  • Miraculous inspiration
  • Miraculous fulfillment
  • The purposes of miracles
  • The end of miracles
  • To whom does “the gift of the Holy Spirit” of Acts 2:38-39 apply?
  • How was the Holy Spirit a witness for the believers?
  • Prophecy given and fulfilled by the Holy Spirit.

We do hope that you will consider checking the book out.  Look for it (Lord willing) by the end of this month!

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