The Chronological Life of Christ

By request, we have just begun studying the chronological life of Christ on Wednesday evenings here in Charleston, AR.

This is a challenging study, because you have to combine all four gospel accounts into a single narrative, which can be fraught with difficulties. Each of the biographers of Jesus were writing from a different point of view, with a different audience in mind, and with different purposes and focuses as a result.

But there is always merit to studying the life of our Savior, whether it be studying a single gospel account, or combining all four into a Gospel Omnibus, so to speak.

Lord willing, I will be posting the lesson notes each Wednesday, starting on the 8th of this month.

The first lesson is Why Four Gospels?

I hope you enjoy!

-Bradley S. Cobb

2 thoughts on “The Chronological Life of Christ”

  1. This should be a valuable series of lessons. Thank you for your efforts benefitting the Lord’s church.

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