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An Exposition of Hebrews

Before [amazon text=Alexander Campbell&asin=1491004711] came to the United States, he studied for a short time with a man from Scotland who, along with his brother, were trying to restore the purity and practice of the church as found in the pages of the New Testament.  His name was [amazon text=James Haldane&asin=1491004711], and along with his brother, Robert, these two men had a much larger effect on the thinking of Campbell than they are given credit for.

Prior to his death in 1851, James Haldane had written an exposition (commentary) of the letter to the Hebrews.  The book wasn’t published until nine years later.

However, this book is very worthwhile to the student of God’s word, which is why we have taken the time (around 30 hours of dedicated work) to fix the mistakes, correct some mistaken verse references, and completely reformat it to make it easy for you to use.

If, like us, you use e-Sword, we’ve also made this book available in that format as well.  And because we like real books, too, we’ve also made it available in paperback as well (as part of our “The Restoration Movement Library” Collection) [amazon text=here&asin=0692667903].

To download, or to read it online, just click the proper link below:

Haldane, James – Hebrews

(e-Sword) Haldane, James – Hebrews

-Bradley S. Cobb