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The Accident King (A Story by Deserae Cobb)

Today, we are super-excited (and a bit proud, too) to share with you a story written by the youngest of the Cobb Six.  Deserae Cobb (age 9) wrote this (far-fetched) tale and everyone who has heard it has laughed very loudly at her portrayal of “B.C.” (who sounds very much like her father…).

So, without further ado, here is the story:

The Accident King

Words and Pictures by Deserae Cobb, October, 2014.

Once upon a time, there was a man.  That man was not just a man.  He was accident-prone.  His name was B.C.

One time, he even broke a key off the keyboard!


One day he wanted to go on a drive, so he went on a drive.  When he was not-so-peacefully driving, he crashed into one of his buddies, so they decided to talk.


When he was done talking, he went to the McLoud Cafe to surprise his wife with dinner.  He got the food, but on his way out the food got CRUSHED accidentally.  So he ordered another.


When he got home, he DID surprise his wife, because it was not the right order!!!  His wife almost died laughing.  Her name was Jesse.  The most pretty woman EVER!

B.C. went to get the right order.


It took him 1 hour to get home (it was only 2 blocks from their house).  And by the time he got home, the food had frost on it!


B.C. put the food in the microwave, but he forgot to put it on a plate.  HE LEFT IT IN THE TO GO BOX!!!!!  But his wife took it out before the house got destroyed.


B.C. was tired.  His wife Jesse (ooh la la) gave him driving lessons before he went to bed.  Maybe if he was sleeping, he would not make another accident.