James D. Bales – Prophet Like Unto Moses (eBook)


This 117-page book is full of evidence that Jesus is the “prophet like unto Moses” that God promised back in Deuteronomy 18.

One of the highlights of this book is a massive list of type/antitype comparisons between Moses and Jesus.

This eBook has been painstakingly edited and corrected for this release.  It has been optimized for the best reading experience on iPad, Kindle, tablets, eReaders, and of course your computer!

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The second book in the Official James D. Bales eBook Collection is now available!

This book of 117 pages goes into great detail showing that Jesus Christ–and only Jesus Christ–is the fulfillment of the prophecy in Deuteronomy 18:15-19.

If you like types/antitypes, this book is for you, because it shows the many different ways that Moses was a “type” of Christ.

If you like reading about fulfilled prophecy, this book is for you, because it shows the overwhelming evidence that Christ fulfilled this prophecy that God gave through Moses.

A quote about the book:

I was blown away by the content.  I especially thought the proof of Moses’ foretelling of the destruction of Israel connected with Jesus’ foretelling of the same event was well-presented and extremely convincing. –-A preacher from Oklahoma.


  1. The Prophecy and the Claim.
  2. A Prophet Like Moses.
  3. The Two Mediators.
  4. The New Covenant.
  5. Predictions By Moses.
  6. Predictions By Christ
  7. Required of Them.
  8. The Prophet Like Unto Moses.
  9. A Host of Likenesses.
  10. A Line of Prophets?

This eBook is being made available with the permission of the copyright holder for only $5.99.  It is well worth that and more!


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