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Back in 2010, I wrote a short story for our three little girls, who at the time were 5, 6, and 8 years old.  Little did I realize how much they would enjoy that home-made book.  Here we are, five years later, and they still read it and reference it quite frequently.

It’s a story called “The Princess of Goodweather.”

Yep, there it is.  I’ve said it.  I wrote a story about a princess.  But at the same time, it’s also a story about what’s truly important in choosing a spouse (my girls didn’t ever realize I had some ulterior motives…).  It’s a story that shows it is what is inside that counts, and not what is outside.

There’s humor, there’s a sword fight, there’s a clumsy king who keeps getting hurt (who seems far too much like me…), and there’s a truly egotistical bad guy named Heese Vane.

As a surprise for our children, this book is now published professionally!  (and the cover art was done by them)

Princess of Goodweather (FRONT)

But there’s more!

This year (also as a surprise to our children), I wrote a sequel!  Shhh…don’t tell our kids.  They don’t know yet.

It’s called “Return to Goodweather.”

It’s a story that contains action (more sword-fighting!), intrigue, mystery, redemption, and humor.  It’s also a story that shows the need to put principles into practice.  You get to see love, hospitality, and forgiveness all put into practice.

Plus you get to read about the preacher’s “Killer” beef stew, the use of a frog to remove skunk-stink, and two men who have returned to Goodweather to “make things right.”

These books are fun little reads (Book one is 32 pages, Book two is 104 pages) which we think you’d enjoy.  If you’re looking for some good, clean reading material for your children (or grandchildren), we think these would fit the bill.  They are both written where a third or fourth grader could easily read it, but they’re also quite enjoyable for adults (especially if they’re reading them to children).

These books are now available on our website, or you can purchase them at


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