NO, NO, NO!!!!

I am completely sick and tired of the constant barrage of sin being bandied about on TV, movies, and everywhere else you look.  The media, the politicians, and the court system are repeatedly pushing homosexuality in our faces.

Christians, it’s time to STAND UP and do something about it!

The latest attack is being thrown our way courtesy of a movie that the Cobb family HAD been anxiously awaiting.  How to Train Your Dragon 2 has been on our “must-see” list for months.

Then today we read that the director of the movie has decided that one of the main supporting characters (Gobber) is a homosexual.  It wasn’t initially planned that way, but the voice actor made a joking statement while recording his lines, and the director decided it was going in the movie, and has already begun making plans to further explore Gobber’s sexuality in the third movie.

The idea of a homosexual viking is stupid to begin with, but this is being done as part of a push to so normalize homosexuality (aka SIN) that our kids will think it’s acceptable.

The line in the movie goes like this, “And this is why I never married.  Well, that and one other reason.”

That, obviously can be open to interpretation, but the director has come out boldly proclaiming exactly what it means.  Here is the report from FoxNews.  A quick Google search will bring up dozens (if not hundreds) of identical reports.

Some might just shake their heads and say, “I’m not surprised.”  No, sin isn’t a surprise.  But is that an excuse for sitting on our backsides and doing nothing about it?

Friends, the homosexuals have the momentum, and if Christians keep shaking their heads, acting like nothing can be done, then they will keep making more headway.  This isn’t going to stop.  They’re already promoting this abomination in schools.  They’re putting it front of the kids at every opportunity.


Make your voice heard.  The only way to slow them down is for a massive backlash to come from those who stand for the truth.  We have witnessed this in the last year with the “Chick-Fil-A Day.”  We saw it with the massive backlash at A&E when they tried to get rid of Phil Robertson for speaking the truth about homosexuality.

Write letters.  Send emails.  Make phone calls.  Spread the word.

The movie is made by Dreamworks Animation, and their contact information  is below:

*100 Universal City Plaza Dr.,
Bldg. 5121*
Universal City, CA 91608
Phone: *(818)733-9300*

One thought on “NO, NO, NO!!!!”

  1. The first thing homosexuals wanted was for Christians to ‘keep their noses out of their bedrooms’ and that’s fine with me. But they don’t want to stop there. They want it on display for all the world to see and I frankly see that is where we draw the line. My family will certainly NOT be viewing this piece of trash. Children, esepcially mine, are MY responsibility and my values are what they will be taught. That is my God-given right!! I’m a responsible parent with godly views and when it comes to movies trying to push an agenda or issue or alternate lifestyle in the face of my children, then I have a right to speak my mind. Christians don’t ‘hate’ homosexuals; they ‘hate’ the sin they are committing, just as we hate any and all sin. I don’t want to walk around showing any sins I inadvertently commit, and remember, we think lying is a sin as well. With the outstanding Christian films coming out these days, why on earth would a film maker want to sabotage their video with this propaganda is beyond anyone with a brain in their head or IQ above 50. So, I hope and pray this movie is a huge and complete disaster; a total flop, worse than Noah. In the end, God will be the judge, not me and all I can say is I can only hope they will repent of this mistaken decision and turn to Him. Still won’t go see the film because I can’t trust this company.

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