(FREE) Why We Believe the Bible by George DeHoff

While we’re trying to get more work done on our book on the apostles of the Bible, we thought we would add some more books to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary.

Today’s new addition is a book by George DeHoff entitled “Why We Believe the Bible.”

It is a good basic book on apologetics.

The chapters include:

  1. Why We Want to Believe the Bible
  2. Why We Believe in God
  3. Genesis 1
  4. The Origin of Religion
  5. The Bible and Scientific Foreknowledge
  6. Archaeology and the Bible
  7. The Influence of the Bible
  8. Prophecy and Its Fulfillment
  9. The Messianic Prophecies
  10. Proof from Secular Writers
  11. The Other Sacred Books
  12. Internal Evidences of Inspiration
  13. The Indestructibility of the Bible

As always, this book has been edited, corrected, and formatted for your reading pleasure!

Just click the link to download this book or to read it online.

DeHoff, George – Why We Believe the Bible

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