Concerning the Disciples of Christ

The Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary is proud to present the newest addition: Concerning the Disciples of Christ: A Restoration Movement Workbook.

Devout Christians, despising the divided state of Christianity, set about on a supposedly impossible mission: to bring about true unity in those who claimed Jesus Christ. From humble beginnings, the influence of this grand idea spread like wildfire, with the simple idea of unity based on Jesus Christ. Instead of creeds and confessions, denominational names and dogmas, these brave men proclaimed Jesus Christ and Him crucified, and showed what the biblical plan for saving men is.

They weren’t satisfied with reforming the existing order; they knew that what was needed was a complete Restoration!

Written for the everyman, “Concerning the Disciples of Christ” helps explain the who, what, when, where, and (most importantly) why of this movement to get back to the church found in the pages of the New Testament.

With a full editing job, including the addition of several footnotes, this updated version is made to give you the best possible reading experience!

To read this book online, or to download it for later reading, simply click the link below:

Concerning the Disciples of Christ (B.B. Tyler)

NOTE: This book is also now available in paperback for those who like having the real thing in their hands.  Click here to order it from us, or here to order it from Amazon!

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