A Modern Plea for Ancient Truths

It’s Tuesday, which means another book being added to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary (you do know about it, right?).

This book seeks to summarize the “Restoration Plea” in an easy to understand way, and points out areas in which the plea is made.

  1. A Plea for Unity
  2. A Plea for Liberty
  3. A Plea for Loyalty
  4. A Plea for New Testament Evangelism
  5. A Plea for Progress
  6. A Plea for Love

The author of this book, J.H. Garrison, was co-editor of the Christian-Evangelist along with B.W. Johnson, then took sole ownership when Johnson died.  Garrison went on to become a leading voice for the “progressive” (i.e., “liberal”) element of the church.

There are some good thoughts throughout this book, but as always, make sure you compare what is said with God’s word, because Garrison misses the mark some as well (especially in chapter 5).

This book will challenge you.

And you can download it by clicking the link below

A Modern Plea for Ancient Truths (J.H. Garrison)

-Bradley S. Cobb

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