Welcome to TheCobbSix.com!

Yes, you’ve found us.  And we’re glad you did.  Our official launch is April 7th.  But since you’re here already, go ahead and take the time to look around and enjoy all the goodies that we have for you.  There are books, articles (coming soon), radio shows, short stories (coming soon), and much, much more!

The Cobb Six are:

  • Bradley Cobb ( Christian, husband, daddy, preacher, author, and random other stuff)
  • Jesse Cobb (amazingly awesome Christian, wife, mother, chef, singer, and lots of other things)
  • Paul Cobb (Christian, son, singer/songwriter, author, artist, actor)
  • Ivy Cobb (Christian, daughter, singer, bookworm,  chef, actress, editor/proofreader)
  • Savannah Cobb (daughter, lover of God, singer, actress, little cook)
  • Deserae Cobb (daughter, lover of God, singer, musician, actress, and stuffed animal lover)

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