We have Accepted a New Work

First, thank you to all those who have prayed for us, encouraged us, checked on us, and showed their love for us during our “in between” time.  You are very much appreciated.

After leaving McLoud, we moved to Moreland, Arkansas (where the Gravel Hill church of Christ is located) until we found a new congregation to work with.

Some preachers send out a plethora of resumes, and are beside themselves with stress until they find a congregation that offers them a job.  Thankfully, we were able to wait until we found one that was the best fit for us.

We went to South Carolina, and met with a fantastic congregation in Columbia (we recommend the Long Creek congregation if you happen to ever be in that area), and though it would have been wonderful to work with them, we decided that it was just too far away from our relatives in Arkansas and our brethren in McLoud.  So we removed our names from consideration, resolving to limit our search to places within a day’s drive of both places.

A few weeks ago, we went to Louisiana to meet with a congregation, and it was a very enjoyable trip.  However, they decided that they were going to continue the search, and wished us well.

Then, two weeks ago, we received a phone call out of the blue from someone who had been a member at Gravel Hill, but who had long-since moved.  He told us that the congregation where he was a member was looking for a preacher.  After a conversation with another member there, we drove there and preached that Sunday.

They liked us, but there were several members who were out of town, so they asked us to come again the next Sunday (which was yesterday) and preach.  We did, and to make a long story short, we have agreed to move to Charleston, Arkansas and work with the church there.  We still have to find a house and move and all that fun stuff, but we will be preaching there each Lord’s day starting next week.

Charleston is just 90 minutes from the in-laws, and under three hours from our friends and spiritual family in McLoud and the surrounding area.

Pray for us, if you would, during our exciting time of transition.

-Bradley S. Cobb

5 thoughts on “We have Accepted a New Work”

  1. I’m Really Excited for you & your Family. . Glad y’all found a Congregation that’s close enough where we can come visit you & your Family. I know any Congregation will be happy to have y’all. And will benefit from your teaching God word . Brad, you & your Family are one of the best Families to visit the sick , And work with all ages. If a Congregation wants a Preacher & Family that Teaches God word like it should be taught, then they will love y’all as much as our Family does. It would be a honored to have you & your Family. I’m Really happy for you’ll. And I pray God will always be with you & your Family. And the work to teach God word.

  2. Happy I am for the Cobb family,. Preach the word and all else is what it is. Love you all,
    Brother Wingo

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