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Is There LIFE After Death? (Worldwide Church of God) PB – $0.25

Life, Death, and Beyond (Mack Lyon) PB – $2.25

The Nature of Things to Come (Stanley Sayers) HB/DJ – $2.00

Where are the Dead? PB – $0.25

Future Punishment (Moses Stuart, Old Paths Book Club edition) HB – $1.50

Hope of Heaven: Expectations and Descriptions (James Byers) PB – $1.75

The Fire that Consumes: The Biblical Case for Conditional Immortality (Edward Fudge) PB – $2.75


Christian Evidences (Virgil Trout) PB – $1.25

The Bible Versus Evolution for Young People (Rita Rhodes Ward) PB – $0.25

Facts and Faith (J.D. Thomas) HB/DJ – $4.00

The Case for Historic Christianity (Edward C. Wharton) PB – $1.75

The Case for the Real Jesus (Lee Strobel) HB/DJ – $1.25

Evolution?  The Facts say No. (Gary Henson) PB – $0.25

The Man from Monkey Myth (Douglas Dewar) PB – $0.25

A Whale of a Tale—or The Dilemma of Dolphins and Duckbills (anti-evolution magazine) $0.25

The Anvil Rings: Answers to Alleged Bible Discrepancies, Vol. 1 (Eric Lyons) PB – LIKE NEW – $3.50

The Problem of Human Suffering (John Clayton) PB – $0.50


Baptism and Remission (J.W. Willmarth) PB – $1.25

Bible Baptism and Baptist Baptism (McGill and Elkins) PB – $0.25


The Voice New Testament (Reader’s New Testament, in style of a screenplay) PB – $1.25

The Greek New Testament, Third Edition (UBS) PB – $4.00

The Youth Bible: New Century Version – HB, $0.50

The New Authorized Version (AV7) New Testament – PB – $1.00

Good News Bible: Today’s English Version – HB – $1.50

Moffatt’s New Testament – HB – $3.75

An American Translation (New Testament by Goodspeed, Old Testament by Smith) HB – $3.75

Nave’s Topical Bible (NIV) HB – $3.50

Jewish New Testament (Translated by David H. Stern) PB – $2.00

The Amplified Bible – HB – $2.75

The New Testament: Recovery Version – PB – $1.25

The Message: New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs (Eugene Peterson) HB – $3.00

The Message: Old Testament Wisdom Books (Eugene Peterson) HB – $2.25

Reader’s Digest Bible – HB (messed up corners on front cover) – $1.00

Large-Print King James Version – Bonded Leather (at least 40 years old, cover starting to be loose) – $2.00

Giant Print King James Version – $2.00

New American Bible: St. Joseph Edition (Catholic, w/ Apocrypha) PB – $2.50

New European Version New Testament – PB – $1.75

Bible Dictionaries

Richards’ Expository Dictionary of Bible Words (Lawrence O. Richards) HB/DJ – $3.00

The Layman’s Bible Encyclopedia – HB – $3.00

Biblical Cities

Petra in History and Prophecy (N.W. Hutchings) PB – $1.00

Biblical Interpretation

Bible Study Guidance (Harvey Scott) HB – $4.00

A Practical Guide to Bible Study (Jon Gary Williams) PB – $0.75

Cultural Tools for Interpreting the Good News (John J. Pilch) PB – $1.25

Isaiah 7:14 – Straightline Messianic? Or, Human Representing the Divine? Or, Purely Human? (Charles Pledge) PB – $1.25

Theories of Belief (Buddy Cogburn) PB – $1.75

Biblical Introduction

The Book of the Acts of God: Contemporary Scholarship Interprets the Bible (G. Ernest Wright & Reginald H. Fuller) PB – $1.25

Biblical Languages

New Testament Word Lists—Greek words and their meanings in various sections of Scripture (Clinton Morrison, David Barnes) PB – $1.50

Christian Living

The Christian’s Everyday Problems (Leroy Brownlow) PB – $1.75

Tortured for Christ (Richard Wurmbrand) PB – $1.25

So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore: An Unexpected Journey (Wayne Jacobson and Dave Coleman) PB – $.075

The Power of Forgiving (Robert Strand) PB – $0.75

Ten Things You Should Know about God and Life (Greg Laurie) PB – $0.75

Humility and Absolute Surrender (Andrew Murray) PB – $2.00

Discipleship: Your New Life in Christ (Neil Wiseman) PB – $1.25

Abstain from Every Form of Evil (Mike Willis) PB – $2.25

Will You Come Home? A plea to return to the Lord from someone who cares (Weldon Langfield) PB – $0.50

How to be a Christian Without being Religious (Fritz Ridenour) PB – $1.00

The Christian’s Everyday Problems: Strength for Daily Living (Leroy Brownlow) PB – $1.25

The Aroma of Christ (James Woodruff, Foreword by F.F. Bruce) PB – $2.25

Attributes of Christian Character (Wendell Needham) PB – $1.75

From Worry to Happiness: You can cope successfully with guilt, worry, fear, sexuality, tension, or grief (Bill Flatt) PB – $2.25

Daily Living with Christ (Willard Collins) HB – $1.00

Attitudes (Virgil Leach) PB – $1.25


Breaker Breaker One Nine: A Review of Our Positions Back to the Beginning (Foy L. Smith) PB – $1.50

The Seven Ones (Roger D. Campbell) PB – $0.75

Bible Keys (J.C. Choate) PB – $1.50

Things Surely Believed Among Us (Paul Rogers) PB – $0.75

The New Testament Church (L.R. Wilson) PB – $1.25

Biblically Speaking about the Church (Chuck Northrop) PB – $2.25

Church History

Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History – PB – $3.25

Church “Issues”

Their Works do Follow Them – 1982 Florida College Lectures – HB – $6.50

Is Elder Reaffirmation Scriptural? (Jerry Moffitt) PB – $1.00

Core/Bull’s Eye Gospel Concept Refuted (Curtis Cates) PB – $1.75

The Second Incarnation: A Pattern for Apostasy – A Refutation of the Rubel Shelly book, The Second Incarnation, and “Pilgrim Church Paradigm” (Curtis Cates) PB – $1.75


Commentary on the General Epistle of James (J.W. Roberts) HB – $4.50

Studies in Galatians and Ephesians: A Commentary on Paul’s Letters to the Churches of Galatia and Ephesus (Tom Wacaster) HB – like new – $4.50

Gleanings from Galatians (Gussie Lambert) HB – $3.75

New Commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Saints at Rome (Robertson Whiteside) HB – $5.00 (like new)

New Testament Postcards (2John, 3John, Jude, Philemon) Charles Swindoll – PB – $1.25

Annual Lesson Commentary – 1932 (Gospel Advocate) HB – $5.00

Annual Lesson Commentary – 1935 (Gospel Advocate) HB – $5.00

Studies in Galatians (Tom Wacaster) PB – $2.75

Original Commentary on Acts (J.W. McGarvey) HB – $4.50

New Commentary on Acts (J.W. McGarvey) HB/DJ – $5.50

Visions Unveiled: The Revelation Explained (N.W. Alphin) HB – $4.50

Come Out of Her, My People: A Study of Revelation (J.E. Leonard) PB – $3.50

Jesus Christ Today: A Commentary on Hebrews (Neil Lightfoot) PB – $2.25 (book bent in storage)

Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today (Edward Fudge) PB – $2.50 (book bent in storage)

Hebrews (Gospel Advocate Commentary, Robert Milligan) HB/DJ – $4.50


When Loved Ones are Called Home (Herbert Wernecke) PB – $0.50


Moffitt-Langford Discussion on Water Baptism (Thrust, Vol 3, No 1) PB – $2.00

Ramsey-Hill Debate on Baptism and Apostasy (Johnny Ramsey/Oscar Hill) PB – $2.25

Denominational Doctrines

Sixty-One Objections to Baptist Doctrine (Will M. Thompson) PB – $1.25

Pentecostalism in the Church (James D. Bales) PB – $1.75

Ready Answers to Religious Errors (Williams and Dykes) PB – $1.00

A Closer Look at Promise Keepers (B.J. Clarke) PB – $1.25

Book of Mormon (PB) $0.15

Campbellism: Its History and Heresies (Bob L. Ross) PB – $2.25

Acts 2:38 and Baptismal Remission (Bob L. Ross) PB – $1.50

A Study in Methodist Discipline (C.R. Nichol) PB – $1.00

Modernism: Trojan Horse in the Church (James D. Bales) PB – $1.25

The Faith of Our Fathers (James Cardinal Gibbons) PB – $1.00

What does the Bible Really Teach? (Jehovah’s Witness publication—this is their basic playbook/script) PB – $1.00

Book of Mormon/Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price (Joseph Smith—Mormon “holy books”) LEATHER, w/thumb-index – $3.75

The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of what the Mormon Church REALLY Believes (Ed Decker, Dave Hunt) PB – $3.00

Millions Now Living Will Never Die! (Judge Rutherford, official Jehovah’s Witness writing from 1920—James Bales reprinted it) PB – $3.75

How We Got Our Denominations (Stanley Stuber) HB – $1.25

Elders (and/or deacons)

Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership (Alexander Strauch and Richard Swartley) PB – $2.75

Friendly Talks to Elders (E.H. Ijams) PB – $2.50

Elders: Those Who Watch Over Souls (Bill Jackson) PB – $1.75

Preparing for the Eldership (Garland Robinson) PB – $1.75

The Church and Its Elders (R.W. Grimsley) PB – $2.00

Efficient Leadership in the Church (Goebel Music) PB – $3.00

My Elders (Charles Hodge) PB – $2.75

New Testament Elders (Waymon Miller) PB – $2.75 (over half the book deals with their authority)

…With the Bishops and Deacons (James D. Cox) HB – $4.50 (very thorough in dealing with issues)

Church Leadership and Organization: A Doctrinal and Practical Study of the Leadership Role of Elders (Flavil Yeakley) PB – $4.50

The Elder and His Work (Robert Taylor, Jr.) HB – $3.75

What the Bible Says about Leadership (Arthur Harrington) HB – $7.00

The Baptist Deacon (Robert Naylor) HB – $1.25


Better than Medicine (Leroy Brownlow) HB – $2.00

“Weight” on the Lord: How to Let Jesus Bear Your Burdens (Randy Maxwell) PB – $1.00

Don’t Ever Give Up! (Bob Spurlin) PB – $1.75


Armageddon Again? (Stafford North) PB – $2.50

Jews, Gentiles, & the Church: A New Perspective on History and Prophecy (David Larsen) HB/DJ – $3.00

Did You Miss the Rapture? (Mack Lyon) PB – $1.50

Planet Earth: Will God’s Kingdom be Set Up Here? (Waldron-Pickering Debate on Premillennialism) PB – $1.50


God’s Mystery (Stafford North, for use in preparing to tell the story of Jesus) PB – $2.50 – two available

Profiles in Evangelism: 46 Biographical Sketches of Great Men of God (Fred Barlow) PB – $0.75

Seek and Find: Neighborhood Bible Studies (Owen Olbricht) PB – $1.25

From My Heart to Yours (Maxie Boren) PB – $0.75

Balance: a Tried and Tested Formula for Church Growth (Ira North) PB – $2.25

My God and My Neighbor (Malcolm Hill) PB – $2.25


Love as a Basis for Marriage (James D. Orten) PB – $0.50

Lessons on the Home (Johnie Scaggs) PB – $1.25

The Christian Home (Dale Larsen) PB – $2.25

Leader’s Guide to Building Strong Families (Royce Money) PB – $0.50

Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions about Marriage and Sexuality (James Dobson) PB – $1.75

Father, The Head of the House (J.A. McNutt) PB – $1.50

The Christian Home (P.D. Wilmeth) PB – $2.00 (x2)


One Holy Hunger (Mike Cope) PB – $0.50

The Grace of God (Edward Fudge) PB – $0.50

Knowing God (J.I. Packer) PB – $2.75


Amazing Grace! (Charles Hodge) PB – $2.25

Holy Spirit

The Work of the Holy Spirit (Howard Winters) PB – $1.25


O For the Life of a Preacher – Jokes and Cartoons (Leon Hill) PB – $0.75

Don’t Laugh! You’ll be Old Someday—Maybe! (Thomas Holland) PB – $3.25

Clip-Art Panel Cartoons for Churches 3 (Howard Paris) PB – $0.75

A Time to Laugh—Grandpa was a Preacher (Leroy Brownlow) HB – $1.75

Jesus Christ

The Agony and Glory of the Cross (Charles Hodge) PB – $1.50

No Wonder They Call Him the Savior: Chronicles of the Cross (Max Lucado) PB – $1.00

The Wonderful Names of Jesus (Warren W. Wiersbe) PB – $1.75

Smoke on the Mountain: An Interpretation of the Ten Commandments—through the life of Christ (Joy Davidman, foreword by C.S. Lewis) PB – $2.25

The Invincible Christ (M.M. Heltzel) HB – $2.50


The Gospel Standard 1977 bound volume (Charles Pledge, Wayne Jackson, Guy Woods, etc.) PB – $3.50

Voice of Truth International (Vol. 90) PB – $0.75

Faith and Facts Quarterly (January 1996) PB – $1.25

Faith and Facts Quarterly (April 2010) PB – $1.25

A Burning Fire (James W. Boyd) Vol. 18, No. 5 – PB – $1.00

Power Gospel Journal – Our Loving God and Our Suffering (Oct 1990) – $1.25

Christian Expositor (May, 1989) – PB – like new! – $1.00

The Gospel Journal (8 issues) – $2.00 for collection.

Leadership/Personal Growth

Imperative People: Those Who Must be in Control—how to keep your greatest strength from becoming your greatest weakness (Dr. Les Carter) PB – $2.00

The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath (Mark Buchanan) PB – $1.75

Lectureship Books

Immorality (1994 Seek the Old Paths lectures, Wade Webster, Wayne Coats, Garland Robinson, etc.) PB – $3.00

Paul (1994 Firm Foundation Lectures, Robert Taylor, Gary Colley, Wayne Coats, Ira Rice, etc.) PB – $3.00

Is There a Universal Code of Ethics? (Wayne Jackson, Rod Rutherford, Jim Waldron, etc.) PB – $2.25

Difficult Texts of the Old Testament Explained (5th Ft. Worth Lectures – Wendell Winkler, Rubel Shelley, Bill Humble, WB West, Roy Deaver, Roy Lanier Sr., Wayne Jackson, Hugh Fulford, John Waddey, Bert Thompson, James O. Baird, Eddie Cloer, Johnny Ramsey, Neale Pryor, etc) HB – $7.50

1959-1960 Pepperdine Bible Lectures (George W. Bailey, Foy L. Smith, Willard Collins, etc.) HB – $5.00

Leadership in the Church – 1964 Abilene Christian College Lectures (Ira North, Gus Nichols, H.A. Dixon, Reuel Lemmons, Jim Bill McInteer, Hardeman Nichols, etc.) HB – $4.50

Luke (5th Firm Foundation Lectures) (Curtis Cates, Foy L. Smith, Tom Bright, Bobby Liddell, Jimmy Clark, George DeHoff, Roy Deaver, Gary Colley) HB – $10.00

Living Soberly, Righteously, and Godly: The Gospel Confronts Moral Issues (1977 East Tennessee School of Preaching – Wayne Jackson, Hugh Fulford, Rubel Shelley, J.J. Turner, Robert Taylor, etc.) PB – $7.50

The Present Truth: Studies in 1 and 2 Peter, James, and Jude (2000 Florida College Lectures) HB/DJ – $5.00

1955 Harding College Bible Lectures (AG Hobbs, GC Brewer, Raymond Kelcy, Rex Turner, etc.) HB – $6.00

The Church that Jesus Built (1st Central OK Lectures – Mack Lyon, Dub McClish, Tom Bright, etc) PB – $2.00

Seeing What John Saw (1999 Ashville Road Lectures) Comb – $2.25

That Ye May Believe (1998 Ashville Road Lectures) Comb – $2.00

The First Century Church (2005 OKC Lectures) Comb – $2.00

Christians Vs. the World (28th St. Louis Lectureship) Spiral – $2.25

The Whole of Man (2006 Kansas Expressway Lectures) Spiral – $1.75

That You May Know… (2008 Kansas Expressway Lectures) Spiral – $1.75

The Grace of God (2004 Central Oklahoma Lectures, Curtis Cates, Keith Mosher, Marion Fox, Benjamin Williams, Dub McClish, etc.) PB – $2.50

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

The Calm After the Storm: The Mid-Life Crisis (Gary Beauchamp) PB – $2.00

Missing Dimension in Sex  (Jack Exum) PB – $1.75

Courtship, Marriage, Home, Divorce (L.H. Andrews) PB – $0.75

Music in the Church

Singing with Grace (Burt Jones) PB – $0.25

New Converts

Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of Christ: Outline Studies for New Christians (John Waddey) PB – $2.25

Studies for New Converts (Price Roberts) PB – $1.25

That ye may Grow: First Principles (Bill Jackson) PB – $1.25

Godliness Through Discipline (Jay Adams) PB – $0.50


Sermon Design and Delivery (Tom Holland) PB – $3.25

Preaching to Modern Man (Frank Pack and Prentice Meador) HB/DJ – $3.25

Men’s Coat Pocket Training Course (Willard Man) PB – $0.25

Speaking for the Master (Batsell Barrett Baxter) PB – $2.75

Leading in Worship: A Practical Guide in Preparing Men to Lead in Public Worship (Ben Phillips, Chris Dempsey) PB – $1.00

Group Dynamics in the Bible Class: A Handbook for Discussion Leaders (Robert Oglesby) PB – $1.50

Preaching the Word: A Training Course in Public Speaking (Virgil Leach) PB – $2.00

Freshness for the Far Journey: Reflections on Preaching as we Step toward the 21st Century (Lynn Anderson) PB – $1.75

Men’s Training Class (John D. Cox) PB – $1.25

Leadership Promises for Everyday: A Daily Devotional (John C. Maxwell) PB – $1.50

You can have Successful Gospel Meetings (Alan Bryan) PB – $1.50


Get Behind Me, Satan (Virgil Leach) HB – $2.50

Sermon Books

Voices of Calvary: Truths that Echo Through the Ages (David R. Pharr) PB – $2.75

20 of My Best Sermons (Cline Hancock) PB – $2.00

Soul Saving Sermons (Charles Sennett) PB – $1.50

God’s Definition of a Christian: Sermon Outlines from 1 Peter (Tom Holland) Comb – $2.75

50 TV Sermon Outlines (J.P. Williams) PB – $1.75

Sermons in Series (Samuel Binkley, Jr) PB – $1.75

Sermon Outlines by Harry Rimmer – PB – $1.50

The Way Home (Robert Goodman) PB – $1.50

Shaffer’s Sermons (Gilbert Shaffer, published by Tom Holland) Comb – $1.50

Friends and Foes of the Master (R.L. Andrews) PB – $2.25

Christ at Corinth (Gussie Lambert) PB – $2.00

Song Books

Great Songs of the Church, Number Two – HB – $1.00


Stewardship in History, Scripture, and the Church (Jesse Gough) Comb – $1.75

Study Books

Studies in Proverbs (Herman O. Wilson) PB – $1.25

Romans and Galatians (George Snure) PB – $1.00

Where Faith Meets Real Life: A Teen Study of James (Andrew Philips) PB – $0.75

Learn and Live (Lois McBride Terry) PB – $0.25

Five books by Bill E. Smith – Basic Doctrine of the Bible; Children of Light; The Inspired Bible; Think on These Things; Job – PB – $1.00 for set.

Take God at His Word, Book 2: Expect a Harvest (Kregg Hood) PB – $0.75

Senior Adult Quarterly (Gospel Advocate) January 1966 – PB – $0.25

Christ, My Counselor (The Living Word, Sr. High) PB – $0.25

Great Bible Characters, Numbers 1 and 2 (George DeHoff) $0.50 gets the pair

From Generation to Generation: A Survey of the Bible Workbook (Mason Harris) PB – $0.25

Life of Christ, Part 4 (Johnny Stringer) PB – $0.25

Life of Christ (George W. DeHoff) PB – $0.25

The Christian Faces His World (The Living Word) PB – $0.25

Achieving Success (The Living Word) PB – $0.25

Periods of the Old Testament, book 4 (Willard Conchin) PB – $0.25

Periods of the Old Testament, book 5 (Willard Conchin) PB – $0.25

Test Booklet of General Bible Knowledge (John M. Hurt) PB – $0.25

The Church (Roy Lanier Sr.) PB – $0.75

Things Right with the Church of Christ (Hoyt Bailey) PB – $0.75

God’s Book to Mankind (Hoyt Bailey) PB – $0.75

God’s Eternal Word: Worship the King (teacher’s manual and student book) PB – $1.00 for the pair

The Church Jesus Built (Jim Dobbs) teacher’s manual and student book – $1.00 for the pair

Lessons for Living (Mrs. Carroll Trent) PB – $0.25

The New You: Lessons for Teenage Girls (Linda Westbrook) PB – $0.50

Toward Spiritual Maturity (Wendell Winkler) PB – $0.75

God Said “In the Beginning” (Gospel Advocate) PB – $0.25

Consider God’s Wonder (John Clayton) PB – $0.25

Into Our Hands: A Study of Christian Stewardship (Ed Broadus) PB – $0.50

They Met Jesus (George DeHoff-AUTOGRAPHED) PB – $1.50

Old Testament Survey, No. 1 (Henry Speck) PB – $1.00

Revelation (Benjamin Lee Fudge) PB – $0.75

The Chosen Family (George DeHoff) PB – $0.50

God’s Way for Man (Carroll Trent) PB – $0.25

Wonderful Words of Life (Sellers Crain) PB – $0.25

Gospel Treasure: Year 1, Book 1 – PB – $0.25


To Heaven-Bound Youth (Thomas Dennis) PB – $1.00

A Father Talks to Teenagers (P.D. Wilmeth) PB – $1.75

Principles of Relationships for Youth (Gospel Advocate “Bible Foundations” T.B. Underwood) PB – $0.75


War: A Trilogy—Three Perspectives, One Biblical Position (H. Leo Boles, A.S. Croom, C.G. Ross) PB – $2.00


Worship: Life’s Greatest Moments (Owen Olbricht) PB – $1.75


National Sunday Law (A. Marcussen) PB – $0.25


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