Used Books

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Is There LIFE After Death? (Worldwide Church of God) PB – $0.25

The Nature of Things to Come (Stanley Sayers) HB/DJ – $2.00

Where are the Dead? PB – $0.25


Christian Evidences (Virgil Trout) PB – $1.25

The Bible Versus Evolution for Young People (Rita Rhodes Ward) PB – $0.25

Facts and Faith (J.D. Thomas) HB/DJ – $4.00

The Case for Historic Christianity (Edward C. Wharton) PB – $1.75

The Case for the Real Jesus (Lee Strobel) HB/DJ – $1.25

Evolution?  The Facts say No. (Gary Henson) PB – $0.25

The Man from Monkey Myth (Douglas Dewar) PB – $0.25

A Whale of a Tale—or The Dilemma of Dolphins and Duckbills (anti-evolution magazine) $0.25

The Anvil Rings: Answers to Alleged Bible Discrepancies, Vol. 1 (Eric Lyons) PB – LIKE NEW – $3.50

The Problem of Human Suffering (John Clayton) PB – $0.50


Baptism and Remission (J.W. Willmarth) PB – $1.25


The Voice New Testament (Reader’s New Testament, in style of a screenplay) PB – $1.25

The Youth Bible: New Century Version – HB, $0.50

The New Authorized Version (AV7) New Testament – PB – $1.00

Good News Bible: Today’s English Version – HB – $1.50

Moffatt’s New Testament – HB – $3.75

An American Translation (New Testament by Goodspeed, Old Testament by Smith) HB – $3.75

Nave’s Topical Bible (NIV) HB – $3.50

Jewish New Testament (Translated by David H. Stern) PB – $2.00

The New Testament: Recovery Version – PB – $1.25

The Message: New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs (Eugene Peterson) HB – $3.00

The Message: Old Testament Wisdom Books (Eugene Peterson) HB – $2.25

Reader’s Digest Bible – HB (messed up corners on front cover) – $1.00

New American Bible: St. Joseph Edition (Catholic, w/ Apocrypha) PB – $2.50

New European Version New Testament – PB – $1.75

Bible Dictionaries

Richards’ Expository Dictionary of Bible Words (Lawrence O. Richards) HB/DJ – $3.00

The Layman’s Bible Encyclopedia – HB – $3.00

Biblical Cities

Petra in History and Prophecy (N.W. Hutchings) PB – $1.00

Biblical Interpretation

Bible Study Guidance (Harvey Scott) HB – $4.00

A Practical Guide to Bible Study (Jon Gary Williams) PB – $0.75

Cultural Tools for Interpreting the Good News (John J. Pilch) PB – $1.25

Isaiah 7:14 – Straightline Messianic? Or, Human Representing the Divine? Or, Purely Human? (Charles Pledge) PB – $1.25

Biblical Introduction

The Book of the Acts of God: Contemporary Scholarship Interprets the Bible (G. Ernest Wright & Reginald H. Fuller) PB – $1.25

Christian Living

The Christian’s Everyday Problems (Leroy Brownlow) PB – $1.75

Tortured for Christ (Richard Wurmbrand) PB – $1.25

So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore: An Unexpected Journey (Wayne Jacobson and Dave Coleman) PB – $.075

The Power of Forgiving (Robert Strand) PB – $0.75

Ten Things You Should Know about God and Life (Greg Laurie) PB – $0.75

Humility and Absolute Surrender (Andrew Murray) PB – $2.00

Discipleship: Your New Life in Christ (Neil Wiseman) PB – $1.25

Abstain from Every Form of Evil (Mike Willis) PB – $2.25

How to be a Christian Without being Religious (Fritz Ridenour) PB – $1.00

The Christian’s Everyday Problems: Strength for Daily Living (Leroy Brownlow) PB – $1.25

The Aroma of Christ (James Woodruff, Foreword by F.F. Bruce) PB – $2.25

Attributes of Christian Character (Wendell Needham) PB – $1.75

From Worry to Happiness: You can cope successfully with guilt, worry, fear, sexuality, tension, or grief (Bill Flatt) PB – $2.25

Daily Living with Christ (Willard Collins) HB – $1.00

Attitudes (Virgil Leach) PB – $1.25


Breaker Breaker One Nine: A Review of Our Positions Back to the Beginning (Foy L. Smith) PB – $1.50

Things Surely Believed Among Us (Paul Rogers) PB – $0.75

The New Testament Church (L.R. Wilson) PB – $1.25

Church History

Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History – PB – $3.25

Church “Issues”

Their Works do Follow Them – 1982 Florida College Lectures – HB – $6.50

Core/Bull’s Eye Gospel Concept Refuted (Curtis Cates) PB – $1.75

The Second Incarnation: A Pattern for Apostasy – A Refutation of the Rubel Shelly book, The Second Incarnation, and “Pilgrim Church Paradigm” (Curtis Cates) PB – $1.75


Commentary on the General Epistle of James (J.W. Roberts) HB – $4.50

Studies in Galatians and Ephesians: A Commentary on Paul’s Letters to the Churches of Galatia and Ephesus (Tom Wacaster) HB – like new – $4.50

Gleanings from Galatians (Gussie Lambert) HB – $3.75

New Testament Postcards (2John, 3John, Jude, Philemon) Charles Swindoll – PB – $1.25

Studies in Galatians (Tom Wacaster) PB – $2.75

Visions Unveiled: The Revelation Explained (N.W. Alphin) HB – $4.50


When Loved Ones are Called Home (Herbert Wernecke) PB – $0.50


Moffitt-Langford Discussion on Water Baptism (Thrust, Vol 3, No 1) PB – $2.00

Denominational Doctrines

Ready Answers to Religious Errors (Williams and Dykes) PB – $1.00

A Closer Look at Promise Keepers (B.J. Clarke) PB – $1.25

Book of Mormon (PB) $0.15

A Study in Methodist Discipline (C.R. Nichol) PB – $1.00

Modernism: Trojan Horse in the Church (James D. Bales) PB – $1.25

The Faith of Our Fathers (James Cardinal Gibbons) PB – $1.00

What does the Bible Really Teach? (Jehovah’s Witness publication—this is their basic playbook/script) PB – $1.00

Book of Mormon/Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price (Joseph Smith—Mormon “holy books”) LEATHER, w/thumb-index – $3.75

The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of what the Mormon Church REALLY Believes (Ed Decker, Dave Hunt) PB – $3.00

Millions Now Living Will Never Die! (Judge Rutherford, official Jehovah’s Witness writing from 1920—James Bales reprinted it) PB – $3.75

Elders (and/or deacons)

What the Bible Says about Leadership (Arthur Harrington) HB – $7.00

The Baptist Deacon (Robert Naylor) HB – $1.25


Better than Medicine (Leroy Brownlow) HB – $2.00

“Weight” on the Lord: How to Let Jesus Bear Your Burdens (Randy Maxwell) PB – $1.00


Jews, Gentiles, & the Church: A New Perspective on History and Prophecy (David Larsen) HB/DJ – $3.00

Did You Miss the Rapture? (Mack Lyon) PB – $1.50

Planet Earth: Will God’s Kingdom be Set Up Here? (Waldron-Pickering Debate on Premillennialism) PB – $1.50


God’s Mystery (Stafford North, for use in preparing to tell the story of Jesus) PB – $2.50

Profiles in Evangelism: 46 Biographical Sketches of Great Men of God (Fred Barlow) PB – $0.75

From My Heart to Yours (Maxie Boren) PB – $0.75

Balance: a Tried and Tested Formula for Church Growth (Ira North) PB – $2.25

My God and My Neighbor (Malcolm Hill) PB – $2.25


Lessons on the Home (Johnie Scaggs) PB – $1.25

The Christian Home (Dale Larsen) PB – $2.25

Leader’s Guide to Building Strong Families (Royce Money) PB – $0.50

Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions about Marriage and Sexuality (James Dobson) PB – $1.75

Father, The Head of the House (J.A. McNutt) PB – $1.50

The Christian Home (P.D. Wilmeth) PB – $2.00 (x2)


One Holy Hunger (Mike Cope) PB – $0.50


Amazing Grace! (Charles Hodge) PB – $2.25

Holy Spirit

The Work of the Holy Spirit (Howard Winters) PB – $1.25


O For the Life of a Preacher – Jokes and Cartoons (Leon Hill) PB – $0.75

Don’t Laugh! You’ll be Old Someday—Maybe! (Thomas Holland) PB – $3.25

Clip-Art Panel Cartoons for Churches 3 (Howard Paris) PB – $0.75

A Time to Laugh—Grandpa was a Preacher (Leroy Brownlow) HB – $1.75

Jesus Christ

The Agony and Glory of the Cross (Charles Hodge) PB – $1.50

No Wonder They Call Him the Savior: Chronicles of the Cross (Max Lucado) PB – $1.00

Smoke on the Mountain: An Interpretation of the Ten Commandments—through the life of Christ (Joy Davidman, foreword by C.S. Lewis) PB – $2.25

The Invincible Christ (M.M. Heltzel) HB – $2.50


Voice of Truth International (Vol. 90) PB – $0.75

Faith and Facts Quarterly (January 1996) PB – $1.25

A Burning Fire (James W. Boyd) Vol. 18, No. 5 – PB – $1.00

Power Gospel Journal – Our Loving God and Our Suffering (Oct 1990) – $1.25

Christian Expositor (May, 1989) – PB – like new! – $1.00

Leadership/Personal Growth

Imperative People: Those Who Must be in Control—how to keep your greatest strength from becoming your greatest weakness (Dr. Les Carter) PB – $2.00

The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath (Mark Buchanan) PB – $1.75


Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

The Calm After the Storm: The Mid-Life Crisis (Gary Beauchamp) PB – $2.00

Missing Dimension in Sex  (Jack Exum) PB – $1.75

Courtship, Marriage, Home, Divorce (L.H. Andrews) PB – $0.75

Music in the Church

Singing with Grace (Burt Jones) PB – $0.25

New Converts

Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of Christ: Outline Studies for New Christians (John Waddey) PB – $2.25

Studies for New Converts (Price Roberts) PB – $1.25

That ye may Grow: First Principles (Bill Jackson) PB – $1.25

Godliness Through Discipline (Jay Adams) PB – $0.50


Group Dynamics in the Bible Class: A Handbook for Discussion Leaders (Robert Oglesby) PB – $1.50

Preaching the Word: A Training Course in Public Speaking (Virgil Leach) PB – $2.00

Freshness for the Far Journey: Reflections on Preaching as we Step toward the 21st Century (Lynn Anderson) PB – $1.75

Men’s Training Class (John D. Cox) PB – $1.25

Leadership Promises for Everyday: A Daily Devotional (John C. Maxwell) PB – $1.50

You can have Successful Gospel Meetings (Alan Bryan) PB – $1.50


Get Behind Me, Satan (Virgil Leach) HB – $2.50

Sermon Books

20 of My Best Sermons (Cline Hancock) PB – $2.00

50 TV Sermon Outlines (J.P. Williams) PB – $1.75

Sermons in Series (Samuel Binkley, Jr) PB – $1.75

Sermon Outlines by Harry Rimmer – PB – $1.50

The Way Home (Robert Goodman) PB – $1.50

Shaffer’s Sermons (Gilbert Shaffer, published by Tom Holland) Comb – $1.50

Friends and Foes of the Master (R.L. Andrews) PB – $2.25

Study Books

Studies in Proverbs (Herman O. Wilson) PB – $1.25

Romans and Galatians (George Snure) PB – $1.00

Where Faith Meets Real Life: A Teen Study of James (Andrew Philips) PB – $0.75

Learn and Live (Lois McBride Terry) PB – $0.25

Five books by Bill E. Smith – Basic Doctrine of the Bible; Children of Light; The Inspired Bible; Think on These Things; Job – PB – $1.00 for set.

Take God at His Word, Book 2: Expect a Harvest (Kregg Hood) PB – $0.75

Senior Adult Quarterly (Gospel Advocate) January 1966 – PB – $0.25

Christ, My Counselor (The Living Word, Sr. High) PB – $0.25

Great Bible Characters, Numbers 1 and 2 (George DeHoff) $0.50 gets the pair

From Generation to Generation: A Survey of the Bible Workbook (Mason Harris) PB – $0.25

Life of Christ, Part 4 (Johnny Stringer) PB – $0.25

Life of Christ (George W. DeHoff) PB – $0.25

The Christian Faces His World (The Living Word) PB – $0.25

Achieving Success (The Living Word) PB – $0.25

Periods of the Old Testament, book 4 (Willard Conchin) PB – $0.25

Periods of the Old Testament, book 5 (Willard Conchin) PB – $0.25

Test Booklet of General Bible Knowledge (John M. Hurt) PB – $0.25

The Church (Roy Lanier Sr.) PB – $0.75

Things Right with the Church of Christ (Hoyt Bailey) PB – $0.75

God’s Book to Mankind (Hoyt Bailey) PB – $0.75

God’s Eternal Word: Worship the King (teacher’s manual and student book) PB – $1.00 for the pair

The Church Jesus Built (Jim Dobbs) teacher’s manual and student book – $1.00 for the pair

Lessons for Living (Mrs. Carroll Trent) PB – $0.25

The New You: Lessons for Teenage Girls (Linda Westbrook) PB – $0.50

Toward Spiritual Maturity (Wendell Winkler) PB – $0.75

God Said “In the Beginning” (Gospel Advocate) PB – $0.25

Consider God’s Wonder (John Clayton) PB – $0.25

Into Our Hands: A Study of Christian Stewardship (Ed Broadus) PB – $0.50

They Met Jesus (George DeHoff-AUTOGRAPHED) PB – $1.50

Old Testament Survey, No. 1 (Henry Speck) PB – $1.00

Revelation (Benjamin Lee Fudge) PB – $0.75

The Chosen Family (George DeHoff) PB – $0.50

God’s Way for Man (Carroll Trent) PB – $0.25

Wonderful Words of Life (Sellers Crain) PB – $0.25

Gospel Treasure: Year 1, Book 1 – PB – $0.25


A Father Talks to Teenagers (P.D. Wilmeth) PB – $1.75



Worship: Life’s Greatest Moments (Owen Olbricht) PB – $1.75


National Sunday Law (A. Marcussen) PB – $0.25


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