The Torch of Truth

We here at the Cobb Six strive to bring you interesting reading.  Whether its one of our own articles, part of our book on the Apostles (still in process), or new additions to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary, we hope that you find what we send out to be worthwhile.

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The Torch of Truth was a publication put out by brethren in the 1980s, and features articles by men such as G.K. Wallace, Richard E. Black, George W. DeHoff, Wayne Price, Billy Blakeney, Cled Wallace, Hugo McCord, and many others.

We don’t know how many years this was published, nor how many issues were produced, but we’re happy to present to you the issues that we were able to locate.  If you happen to have some copies of this publication (or other publications that are no longer being produced) and would be willing to donate them to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary so others can enjoy them too, please let us know!

Simply click the link on each title to read it online or to save to your favorite reading device for later edification!

Torch of Truth (Volume 3, Number 3)

  • Straight Paths and Crooked Ways (G.K. Wallace)
  • Life in the Spirit (Richard E. Black)
  • Receive Ye the Holy Spirit (Wayne Price)
  • How “They” Fight (George W. DeHoff)
  • Premillennialism: Modern Judaism (Richard E. Black)
  • Too Many Baptisms in Religion! (Richard E. Black)

Torch of Truth (Volume 3, Number 4)

  • Calvinism’s Five Theological Errors (Richard E. Black)
  • The First Amendment and the Church/State Relation (Richard E. Black)
  • Innovators Self-Condemned (Guy N. Woods)
  • Simplisticism (Richard E. Black)
  • The Application of Principles (P.W. Stonestreet)
  • The Battle of Armageddon (Ted W. McElroy)
  • Rules of Life (anonymous)
  • Honorable Hannah (Richard E. Black)
  • The Vacant Pulpit (G.K. Wallace)

Torch of Truth (Volume 3, Number 6)

  • Our Liberty in Christ & the Silence of the Scripture (Richard E. Black)
  • Let the Church be the Church (George W. DeHoff)
  • Crimes Under Cover (Hugo McCord)
  • Tribute to Foy E. Wallace, Jr. (Richard E. Black)
  • A Man’s Enemies (Cled E. Wallace)
  • Should and Shall (Graham Cain)
  • Humanism in the Public School System (Richard E. Black)
  • Trembling at God’s Word (P.W. Stonestreet)
  • Misunderstood (R.L. Whiteside)
  • Humanism’s Classroom Assault on the Church (Richard E. Black)
  • The Gospel (Richard E. Black)
  • Man Without God (Billy Blakeney)
  • The Cotton Patch Version and “Eggheads” (Glenn L. Wallace)
  • Implicit Faith (Alexander Campbell)


-Bradley Cobb

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