The Age of Enquiry

The history of the effort to restore the church as found in the New Testament is full of interesting people and events. [amazon text=Abner Jones&asin=1490907394] was a doctor who eventually gave up his profitable medical practice to be a full-time evangelist. [amazon text=Alexander Campbell&asin=1491004711] was begged by influential men of most the major denominations to be their representative in a debate against a well-known atheist.  There are several [amazon text=other men&asin=1491056983] whose lives are worth reading about.

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Today, however, we are bringing you a book written by Elias Smith, called “The Age of Enquiry.”  In this relatively short book (76 pages), a series of questions are asked by an “enquirer” about different biblical topics, and they are all answered from Scripture.  The second half deals with comparisons between what the denominations practiced and what the Bible says.  And part three deals with the significance of the name “Christian.”

The Age of Enquiry: Part I

  2. ENQUIRY. Concerning The Church Of Christ,  Called “Christians.”
  3. ENQUIRY. Concerning The Rule  For Christians To Walk By.
  4. ENQUIRY. Concerning Baptism.
  5. ENQUIRY. Concerning The Lord’s Supper.
  6. ENQUIRY. Concerning The Officers In Christ’s Church.
  7. ENQUIRY. Concerning What Christ’s Ministers Preached To The World, Being Sent By Him
  8. ENQUIRY. Concerning Public Worship.
  9. ENQUIRY. Concerning The Meaning Of The Word Bishop.

The Age of Enquiry: Part II

  1. Ancient and Modern Things concerning Ministers.
  2. Ancient And Modern Things Concerning Baptism.
  3. Ancient And Modern Things Concerning Churches.

The Age of Enquiry: Part III

  1. A SERMON, On The Sacred Import of The Word “Christian.”

We think you will find some worthwhile material in this book, which is why we took the time to completely revitalize it: correcting the mistakes, fixing the formatting, and making it fully searchable.

to download it or to read it online, simply click the link below!

The Age of Enquiry (Elias Smith)

-Bradley S. Cobb

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