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Mormonism Exposed!

Over the past 180 years, Mormonism has slowly grown to be viewed as just another religious group by several Americans (albeit with some strange teachings).  However, we must not allow ourselves to be tricked into thinking that the Mormons are our brethren in Christ, or that somehow what they teach is acceptable with God.  These honest, sincere people have put their trust in a false religious system that cannot save them!

We’ve already made available a debate on Mormonism here.  But we’d like to share with you another book which shows the insidious nature and origin of this creation of the devil.

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce the latest addition to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary: Mormonism Exposed! by LaRoy Southerland.

Originally published in 1842, the full title of this book is:

In Which Is Shown The Monstrous Imposture, The Blasphemy, And The Wicked Tendency, Of That
Advocated By A Professedly Religious Sect, Calling Themselves “Latter-Day Saints.”

In it, you will find statements by people who knew Joseph Smith prior to his supposed discovery of the golden plates that he claimed to translate.  You will see many of their doctrines, and how they carried them out.  You will see how their doctrines flatly contradict the Bible.

Souls are being lost to this religion daily.  It is important to arm yourself to help fight back against their false doctrines.

To download or to read online, click the link below:

Mormonism Exposed (LaRoy Sunderland)

-Bradley S. Cobb

The Jackson-Iler Debate on Mormonism

Sometimes when you read a debate, your eyes are opened.  Oftentimes we assume that we understand where the other side is coming from, when in actuality, it’s different than we thought–and that’s important for us to realize, because sometimes we can spend all our time arguing against something they don’t really believe in the first place.

Today’s new addition to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary is the Bill Jackson, John Iler debate on Mormonism.  Bill Jackson described the events that led to the debate as follows:

In June, 1984, Mr. John R. Iler, Jr. wrote me after reading my debate with James Crackin, an atheist, as that debate was featured in an issue of THRUST magazine. A friend of Mr. Iler’s, in Kentucky, had obtained a copy of THRUST and had forwarded it on to him.

Mr. Iler stated that he was involved in a missionary endeavor of the Latter-Day Saints, and was one of the “Seventy in the Church.” He stated that he was currently working on a manuscript in defense of the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and asked if I would be interested in debating “Mormonism.” I then accepted, and in our correspondence plans were made to have the debate printed in this present form.

We trust that all who read this will gain benefit, and we express our thanks to Mr. Iler for his willingness to defend those things he believes.

-Bill Jackson

Not being thoroughly studied-up on Mormonism, there were some arguments put forth that I hadn’t heard before, and some valid criticisms leveled on each side.

I wish this debate could have been longer and certain issues addressed (there were arguments completely ignored by both sides, unfortunately), but it is a good overall treatment of the topics.

Proposition 1: The Book of Mormon is Inspired
Proposition 2: The Bible is God’s Final Revelation to Mankind

As always, we’ve taken this book and completely reformatted it, correcting any typos that appeared in the original and giving it a fresher look.

To read online, or to download to your computer/tablet/phone/etc… just click the link below!

Jackson-Iler Debate on Mormonism