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Marshall Keeble – From Mule Back to Super Jet with the Gospel

Marshall Keeble.  There are so many things that could be said about this great preacher of the gospel.  He did so much in bringing people to Christ.  He helped to bring white churches and colored churches into fellowship with each other.  He spoke the truth honestly, and kept the attention of his audience.

One of the members here told me about when she was a young girl, she remembered going with her parents to a tent meeting that brother Keeble was holding in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  They sat out in their car listening to him preach each evening because there was no room left in the tent.

Marshall Keeble’s influence is still being felt today, strong as ever.  You might ask “how is that?”  Let me tell you.  In his preaching, several thousand people were converted to the truth of Jesus Christ.  One of those converted was a young black man.  That man went on to spread the gospel to some of his co-workers.  If you’re one of the many who have read Muscle and a Shovel, then you probably remember him.  His name is “Randall.”

You see, without Marshall Keeble’s work, Randall probably wouldn’t have obeyed the gospel.  And without Randall’s work, Michael Shank would never have been converted.  There’d be no Muscle and a Shovel.  Thousands of people who have accepted the gospel plan of salvation after reading the book wouldn’t be your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Yep.  Marshall Keeble’s influence is still being felt strongly today!

And so with that in mind, we’re announcing the latest addition to the Jimmie Beller Memorial eLibrary.

In 1962, Marshall Keeble was able to fulfill a life-long dream of being able to walk where Jesus walked and to see the continent of Africa where his ancestors originated.  He went on a missionary voyage to convert souls to his Lord, and wrote about his thoughts and experiences while in foreign lands spreading the word of God.

The book is titled “From Mule Back to Super Jet with the Gospel.”  And you can read it for free by clicking the link below.  Or you can download it to your computer (or smartphone or tablet) for later reading.

From Mule Back to Super Jet (Marshall Keeble)

NOTE: special thanks to Ivy Rose Cobb for putting her fantastic proofreading skills to work on this one.

We hope you enjoy it!

-Bradley Cobb