Some brethren in need

This is not what I had planned on posting today, but this is a lot more important than anything I had to say.

Saturday, Caelyn Adams, 16 years old, was knocking on doors, inviting people to attend a gospel meeting, when a drunk driver ran into her and killed her.  Her father, Nick Adams, is the preacher for the Middle Fayetteville church of Christ in Fayetteville, GA.

A brief news item about the incident can be found here.

I first met Nick and his family a few years ago at Roundhouse.  He is a dedicated man of God, and a good encourager.

Keith Cozort, a fellow preacher and long-time friend of mine, is organizing a collection of funds to help this family in their time of need.  Money can be sent by mail or via Paypal.

To send help to this family, you can mail a check (made out to Nick Adams or Keith Cozort) to:

Keith Cozort
314 E. Harker St.
Mountain Grove, MO 65711

Or if you use Paypal, you can send money to

Please remember this family in your prayers.  They need it.

-Bradley S. Cobb

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