Revelation Class Handouts (Paperback)


Paperback, 224 pages.

This companion volume to the upcoming Things Which Came to Pass: A Study of the Book of Revelation contains forty-eight class handouts, and is designed to be a workbook for the class/congregation as they go through the study.

For those who purchase this book of handouts prior to the release of the main book, we will provide you with digital copies of the lesson outlines for free via email!

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The book of Revelation seems to be either your favorite book, or the one you avoid. Many modern-day prognosticators have taken this book of God’s word and tried to twist it to fit every possible event that takes place across the globe.

But is that how God intends us to understand the book? When it was written, nearly 2,000 years ago, did He expect the readers to understand it? Or was it simply a huge mystery that none of them could ever understand?

The final book of the Bible tells the original readers to read it, hear it, and obey it, because the things which are contained in it’s pages were about to happen. Persecution, destruction, death, victory, rescue, avenging, and glory were all “at hand.”

The original readers understood exactly what God was talking about. And if we put ourselves in their shoes, we can understand it to and apply those lessons to us today.

This is the companion volume to the upcoming book: “Things Which Came to Pass: A Study of the Book of Revelation,” and is designed to go with the forty-eight lessons in that book (all currently available in the “Revelation Teaching Collection” download).

  1. Introduction to the Views of Revelation
  2. The Date of Revelation
  3. What is Revelation Talking About?
  4. Lessons from Revelation 1:1
  5. Lessons from Revelation 1:2-3
  6. Lessons from Revelation 1:4-6, 8
  7. Lessons from Revelation 1:7
  8. Lessons from Revelation 1:9-20
  9. The Letter from Jesus to Ephesus
  10. The Letter from Jesus to Smyrna
  11. The Letter from Jesus to Pergamos
  12. The Letter from Jesus to Thyatira
  13. The Letter from Jesus to Sardis
  14. The Letter from Jesus to Philadelphia
  15. The Letter from Jesus to Laodicea
  16. The Heavenly Throne Room
  17. The Lamb and the Scroll
  18. The Seals are Opened (Part One)
  19. The Seals are Opened (Part Two)
  20. The Sealing of the 144,000
  21. The Trumpets Sounding (Part One)
  22. The Trumpets Sounding (Part Two)
  23. The Trumpets Sounding (Part Three)
  24. The Break Between the Trumpets
  25. Measuring the Temple
  26. The Two Witnesses
  27. The Seventh Trumpet
  28. The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon
  29. Michael and the Dragon
  30. The Dragon Attacks
  31. The Beast from the Sea
  32. The Land Beast and the Mark of the Beast
  33. The Lamb on Mt. Zion
  34. Three Angels and a Blessing
  35. The Son of Man on the Cloud
  36. The Sea of Glass Mingled with Fire
  37. Bowls of Wrath (Part One)
  38. Bowls of Wrath (Part Two)
  39. The Harlot City
  40. The Beast of Revelation 17
  41. Come Out of Her, My People!
  42. Reaction to Destruction
  43. The King and His Bride
  44. The Thousand-Year Reign?
  45. The Binding of Satan
  46. The Judgment Scene
  47. The Glorious Church
  48. The Conclusion
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